Ad Campaign – Fuller Fabrics Playtone, 1952

Playtone is color.  Playtone is texture. Playtone is Fuller Fabrics brilliant cotton with the crinkle that never needs ironing – and America’s playtime favorite.  In playclothes and by the yard in leading stores.  Beachcoat by Claire McCardell.

Crinkled cotton, and later crinkled synthetics, have gone in and out of fashion over the years.  I can remember a heavy crinkled cotton that was popular in the late 1970s.  I made a safari style suit of it and wore it for years and years until my sister shamed me into retiring it. (Something about the only people still using that fabric was the old ladies’ department at Walmart.)

I’m not really seeing the crinkle in that wonderful Claire McCardell beachcoat.  It looks like a smooth broadcloth to me.  But isn’t the coat great with the diagonal pockets and all that contrasting top-stitching?


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15 responses to “Ad Campaign – Fuller Fabrics Playtone, 1952

  1. I love those deep pockets too! Funny, to me that ad (especially b/c she looks so skinny) looks like it could be in a magazine of today. Oh who am I kidding, I never look at modern magazines, so I have no idea what current ads look like! 🙂
    Another random association with Playtone – that’s the name of the record lable in one of my fave movies “That Thing You Do!”


  2. I am sure that diagonal pockets were done before….but I dont remember seeing them. Makes a pocket more comfortable/inviting to use.
    I agree that this model is very very slim…even with the bulky fabric belted she shows an itty bitty waist…; great shot of the outfit, never the less.


  3. And that posture, so common in vintage ads and some movies too.


    • You know, one of McCardell’s many claims to fame was that she taught her models to use that her slouchy walk to counter-act the French mincing around that they were doing in the 30s. I do love that jacket and am always amazed how McCardell made things easy to manufacture (with the top stitching) that were also modern and stylish.
      Lizzie, I just found a Fuller brush and beauty product catalog with all Claire McCardell dresses on the models. It’s pretty great.


  4. I still love crinkle fabric, old ladies or not.


  5. I love this inspiring belted ‘tent dress’ style that she used so often. Looking at the photo, I am guessing the armhole and side seam are cut on grain, while center front is on a bias. That would account for that straight arm hole and angled pocket (if the pocket is mounted on grain, it will be at an angle when worn). The odd part is sewing it in a textile with a strong grain line like that crinkle cotton. Advance 5812 is pretty much this same garment and the front view is a plaid, so it’s easy to see what is going on (this would be sooo easy to make!).


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