Ad Campaign – Hockanum, 1948

TROPIC SEA… the new blue with the sparkle of a holiday Hockanum, makers of beauty, quality and lasting wear.

If this East Coast weather continues, it looks like it will be coats at the beach this summer.  I love the Tropic Sea color with that touch of green at the neck.  I can’t help but wonder if the “sparkle of a holiday mood” is literal or figurative.

But what I love the most about this ad is how Hockanum bills itself as “makers of beauty…”  They really cut to the heart of the matter, because I think what people really want and need is more beauty in their lives.  And that includes the fabric of one’s coat.


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11 responses to “Ad Campaign – Hockanum, 1948

  1. Great color, style, drawing. I’d like to brave a tropic breeze in that, too!


  2. What a beautiful illustration.


  3. Lynne Bassett

    What can you tell us about Hockanum woolens? Hockanum is a region in my neck of the woods.


  4. That color! My goodness!


  5. We sure do need more beauty…Wish Vogue’s Anna Wintour would do a cover like this.


  6. Well, I’ve always thought that double collars were all about beauty–just an extra step as if to say the practical and useful is not enough–lets add a little more.


  7. Beautiful ad…and really, that’s the only kind of beach day I’d enjoy. Cloudy, blustery, and requiring a coat!


  8. Oh, this is so glamorous! I love it!


  9. I remember when people had “spring coats” for this time of year, instead of shlumping around in North Face shells. I just thought of an A-line navy wool coat with a white Peter Pan collar that I wore over an Easter dress in the early 60s. (I’m sure my sisters wore it before I did.)
    “Tropical” wool is such a versatile fabric; it’s time for a comeback.
    Thanks for showing that beautiful version!


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