Interesting Updates – The Rest of the Story

One of the great things about a blog is that years after a post is made, someone will find the post and add to the story.  The bad thing is that sometimes I’m the only person who is aware that the conversation continues.  So now, every now and then I’m going to post updates to old posts so we can all enjoy learning more.

Last April I posted about this hat with the built-in sunglasses.   At the time, several people posted that the hat style could be seen in various films.  Recently  thriftanistasocialclub posted that she’d seen one in A Summer Place, a 1959 film staring Sandra Dee.  And here she is.

I took this photo from my TV while watching the film via Netflix.

I showed off this Liberty of London scarf in 2012.  Reader  Diana at Past Pieces Vintage found the print in  Scarves, by Nicky Albrechtsen and Fola Solanke. According to the book this scarf is  “Liberty, silk, 1950s, possibly based on a Harry Napper textile print from the 1890s.”

Photo taken of the book page by Diana.

Last year I posted about the Vanderbilt Shirt company.  The post was found by Jan Schochet, who co-wrote a book on Jewish businesses in Asheville.  She has been able to supply me with quite a bit of information, and now the family that owned the factory has been in touch.  Stay tuned.

I posted about these slightly naughty braces with a Brooks Brothers label in 2011.  I was puzzled because I found an ad for the same braces that were made by Calvin Curtis.  Michael, who actually knew Calvin Curtis cleared up the mystery by saying that Curtis made that one model for Brooks.

Last July I wrote about Enna Jetticks shoes.   Ed commented about how his grandmother had worked there, and he told what eventually happened to the factory.



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17 responses to “Interesting Updates – The Rest of the Story

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing these wonderful new tid-bits about the great things you share here and extending the conversation!


  2. Thank you! I’ve been following your blog for awhile, so I love seeing these updates!


  3. how interesting! I love reading your posts and getting updates is like the “extras” on a DVD. 🙂


  4. And you couldn’t do this so easily if you had written a book! Another plus for blogging. (Although I still want a book.)


  5. Lizzie, your follow-ups are like a big dollop of whipped cream on cake. To be mentioned in your follow-up is the cherry on top!


  6. littleheapvintage

    Posting updates is a terrific idea, thanks so much for reviving the conversation!



    I have so missed your post. Stepping down for a bit. Hugs. Kathryn


  8. Sandy

    Has anyone ever given you information where the hat like Sandra Dee wore could be purchased ?
    Thank you


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