March in Review

March came in like a lion and hung around and roared all month.  Yesterday, the very last day of the month, that little lamb finally showed up.   I hate to complain about the snow because it has been very pretty, and even though it was of the clinging variety, we never did lose electric power.

In order to rush spring along, I tried doing some summer type sewing.  It didn’t work, but I did get a cute beach cover-up out of it.  (To be shown off later).  It was my very first project using the thrift find of the month:

I found and bought an entire bolt of vintage cotton pique for $2.   It was a bit yellowed, but a good hot wash with oxyclean did the trick (and made sure it was shrunk as well.)

I’ve had these antique buttons a while, but that didn’t keep me from bragging about them on Instagram.

Another thrift find was a huge, tangled pile of embroidery floss.  It was actually the very thing I was seeking, but without the tangles.  I have now started an embroidery project that I predict I will finish when I’m 79 years old.  Yes, twenty years should do it.

My book purchase of the month is this gigantic thing, The Encyclopedia of Textiles, published by the always superb American Fabrics magazine.  It is full of information, 600 pages of it in fact.

The happy accident of the month was went I pulled this Liberty of London Tana lawn blouse out from the bottom of my mend pile.  The cuffs were frayed, so I’d stuck it there years ago.  Cuffs are now bound with grosgrain; shirt is now back in closet.

This is our sweet Spooky Dog, celebrating his birthday.  He just turned 17!

My daily walk, on a particularly misty, smoky day.

The bunny Rockettes.

How was your March?


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16 responses to “March in Review

  1. March was indeed a chilly winter month this year! I’m just excited because I feel like I actually accomplished a few things in the month and the months before, where usually at this time of year I’m just thinking that the year is getting started, when it’s really only 1/4 over-!

    One thing I did realize – I was being overly optimistic (lazy!) in thinking I could leave the totes of my spring/summer clothes upstairs after packing for Palm Springs. When we returned from there I hoped spring was just around the corner, but alas she’s quite a few weeks/month away. Back into storage they go, and out stay the turtlenecks 😛


  2. Nice Liberty mending! A girl after my own heart. 😉


  3. I recently found an embroidery project I started – oh – about 40 years ago, so I’m impressed if you can get yours done in only 20! Maybe you can finish mine for me??? Happy Birthday to Spooky Dog!


  4. Aw, Spooky is adorable! And your liberty blouse is gorgeous. Love the print!


  5. Some great finds there! And how adorable is Spooky Dog?!!


  6. I’m going to look for that book!


  7. Happy birthday, Spooky Dog!

    That Liberty shirt print is fantastic.


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