Vogue 7092, Beach Cover Up

Ever since I found the vintage nautical print terry cloth seen above, I knew it was destined to become a swimsuit cover up.  I had several patterns from which to choose, but I was favoring Vogue 7092, which is dated 1950.  I liked it because it is not a jacket, it is a stole with the sides open.  My plan was to use the terry on the inside and to use a solid white on the outside.

When I found that $2 bolt of vintage white pique, I knew I’d found my other fabric.

The pattern was listed as “one size” which meant I needed to make a few adjustments, especially for length.  I shortened the front and the back, but I also decided to take out some of the fullness in the back, mainly because I was using such a bulky fabric for the lining.

I had finished the stole except for attaching the belt when I showed it off to my husband.  He said he didn’t think I ought to hide the print on the inside as it was so nice.  And while I wanted it for the inside because of the absorbency, I could see his point.  So instead of attaching the belt to the back, I made belt loops (not seen in photos) so I could wear it either way.  I do love a reversible garment.

I love this vintage terry, which I found at the Goodwill outlet.  So with the amount of pique and the cost of the pattern and the terry, I have about $3 invested in this project.   I’ll probably use the money I saved to buy more fabric.


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22 responses to “Vogue 7092, Beach Cover Up

  1. Lizzie…I gave it a close “once over” and you did a very good job. It is adorable. I am glad you made it reversable and also that you did not use the sail terry on the under side of the belt. It would not have looked as nice as it does. Good Job! Am wondering why you did not model it personally???


  2. Stunning ~ love the fabrics & pattern!


  3. I love this too. It reminds me of beach holidays when I was a little girl! 🍦


  4. Brilliant! You can wear the pique on the inside on your way to the beach when your suit is dry, and wear the terry side in when your swimsuit is wet. And look terrific coming and going. Lovely work!


  5. I think it’s adorable, I want one! 🙂


  6. That’s adorable. Put on some tap shoes and you could be in “Anchors Aweigh.”


  7. “I’ll probably use the money I’ve saved to buy more fabric.” What seamstress has not uttered these words.


  8. I love it – reversible and all! I certainly hope you’ll be buying more fabric guilt-free after such an inexpensive and perfect make!


  9. So cute! I love that you made it reversible! Your husband’s right – you can’t hide all the fun on the inside! =)


  10. This is an adorable project. The perfect fusion of vintage shopping skills, taste and sewing talent. My own sweing (and shopping) skills are rudamentary, so I’m really enjoying your vicarious achievements. 🙂


  11. Adorable. That pattern is on my “gimme” list. Right now I have another vintage beach jacket pattern to make, and I plan on using an old beach towel for the fabric.


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