1950s White Stag Canvas Jeans

I’m always impressed by the quality and styling of vintage White Stag clothing from the 1950s.  As if brown canvas jeans were not wonderful enough, White Stag added that extra bit of color at the hem.  And what a sophisticated palette for sportswear: black,white, turquoise, brown, and khaki.

Until the early 1960s, White Stage used a form of this blue label in their women’s sportswear.  Sometimes the label is red and sometimes it is white with red print.  Sometime around 1961 the label changed to white with gold print.

I’d like to know why all women’s jeans and slacks do not have side zippers.  They are infinitely more flattering, and just as convenient.

These can be worn with or without the striped cuff.

And finally, the rear view.

I’s hoped to find an ad for these pants, but so far I’ve had no luck.  White Stag advertised extensively, so I’m holding out hope that I’ll locate it.  In the meantime, here’s an ad from 1951 that shows the wide range of separates they were making in coordinating fabrics.


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12 responses to “1950s White Stag Canvas Jeans

  1. I would love to find a pattern to make these pants! What a great cut- maybe a little lower at the waist, though.


    • I’ve had several similar pairs in the past that actually fit me, and the high waist is a bit odd feeling after so many years of pants that sit below the natural waist. Of course, by sewing a pair it would be simple to adjust that.


  2. These are cute, and so contemporary-looking too. The striped cuff is lovely!


  3. I remember fully lined jeans that showed plaid at the cuff when you rolled them up. Were these White Stags fully lined? and, if not, how did they do a partial lining? ( I’m just curious, not planning to make a pair.) But the color combo on these is really attractive. Maybe there’s a matching jacket with that lining & roll-back cuffs, or, somewhere out there: one or more matching shirts! If so, I hope they will find you.


    • No, they are not fully lined. Look at the photo of the hems, and look closely at the leg that has the cuff turned down. About five inches up you can just make out the seam line where the striped fabric was stitched down.

      Knowing White Stag and how they worked, there are probably a full range of matching pieces. I also visualize a jacket, and also a middy-type shirt with striped collar and cuffs. And how about a bra in brown with striped straps?


  4. I’m with Julie – those are just a great looking pair of pants and current for today’s look.


  5. And I like the fact that there is only one back pocket–and that it is plain. Simple.


  6. Those are the cutest summer pants! I too wonder about sewing up a pair–there is a similar pants pattern, Butterick 5895, that might be worth a try. I especially love all that top stitching along with the peek of stripes (do tell how that lining is made).


  7. Christina

    The side zippers on manufactured fitted pants for women give great definition to the body line – if and it’s a big if – a woman’s waist and hip measurement is exactly the same as the pant sizing. Athletic wear may be an exception where the side zipper is more functional. Lynn may have some insights in the relationship between sizing and body shape. Love the pants and the ad.


  8. Sail cloth clam diggers are a serious weak point for me! And this are just too adorable, especially with the cuffs!


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