On the Road

I’m traveling this weekend, and I’m having too much fun at an antiques festival to do any blogging.   You might check out my instagram to see some of what I’m up to.

I feel a bit bad for the traveler in my photo.  She (it is a she, right?) has on the most unbelievably fussy outfit, and what is with the two dinky little suitcases.  I do hope she also has a huge trunk full of things that are a bit more flattering.


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13 responses to “On the Road

  1. Cindy

    Not so sure about the “she” part…!


  2. With that strange skirt she/he might be a giant bug in disguise.


  3. Liz….I LOVE the picture ! Where can I get a copy of it? Her facial expression is priceless…I am assuming this is what the well dressed traveler wore (hat and all) in years past. Love it…I am still smiling…Thanks.


  4. Yeah…I agree with some of the other commenters…not sure on the she part. Hope you have fun traveling!


  5. Christina

    That’s a great photo Lizzie. The skirt is rather lovely. I wonder where she was going?


  6. Nothing!..surprises me re: Wintour..as an editor at the collections she was a “strange”/still is-it’s always about her-NOT what she represents! de-faming Mrs. Vreeland -is only an example of her -remember All About Eve!?…she is onlyabout herself and self promotion-when one is not naturally gifted ..one must destroy everything to destroy the evidence!???-i observed her for years.. Mrs. V was a “champion”in field


  7. Ha ha ha! I immediately had the same thought as to gender when I saw that photo :o) He/she looks a bit miffed that someone is daring to take a picture!


  8. Oh, also is that something sticking out the top of her/his hat, or is it in the background? What a great photo I have to say.


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