Vintage Miscellany – May 11, 2014

I looked for a photo of a mother, and of course I ended up with one of my own mother.  Here she is in 1954, at a family gathering.  In seven and a half months, I’d be born.  Guess that’s why she looks so happy!

And now for the news…

*   You’ll love the incredible story of Painted Fabrics, a UK enterprise that employed disabled WWI war veterans.  Thanks to Christina

*   Here’s a photo essay on the origins and continued popularity of  Breton stripe knit shirts.

*   I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Cooper-Hewitt’s Object of the Day feature, but I can’t stress how interesting it is.  A recent object was a card of the cutest buttons imaginable. 

*   The Wall Street Journal did an in-depth report on the renovated rooms of the Costume Institute.  The good news is that they are planning to expand the number of shows per year, with exhibitions in the Fashion Center over ten months a year.

*   Florence Schulman, one of the original makers of the poodle skirt, passed away at age 94 in April.  She was not the person who “invented” the decorated circle skirt – that was Juli Lynn Charlot.  However, Schulman did design the poodle motif that is so associated with the skirt.  Thanks to Mod Betty

*   Can fashion be sustainable?

*   Here is an eye-opening look into the Los Angeles based fast fashion industry.  It’s not what you might assume.  Thanks to Lynn

*   Modern dressing actually began in the 1930s.

*    Scarves as art.

*   Diane von Furstenberg enters the reality TV arena.

And now for the Charles James posts…

*  Bill Cunningham visited the Charles James show and reminisced.  Seriously, I do hope Bill is secretly writing his autobiography.

*  This article sheds some light on the Charles James/Diana Vreeland feud.

*   As mentioned earlier, Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman are going to attempt to revive the Charles James line.   James’s children,  Charles Jr. and Louise, were spied having lunch with the Weinsteins, and they later visited the Marchesa studio.  Soon afterward the deal was announced.


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15 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – May 11, 2014

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all of us.

    Your mom is honored, I’m sure to be featured on your Blog…she is VERY pretty and sweet. I got a Facebook comment from a friend who mentioned she wears something of her deceased mom every Mother’s Day….I thought that was a great tribute.


  2. seweverythingblog

    Your mom is beautiful in the photo. Thank you, also, for the link to the designer of the poodle-appliqued skirt. Love that factoid!


  3. Your mom likes such a nice lady… And, oh those buttons! Yes, cutest ever.


  4. Dear old Mr. Cunningham, he has always been amusing and somehow chatty and delightful! ….it is and always been like having a conversation and a martini at lunch with your favorite uncle you have not seen in 20 years! re: the tulle train at the Met dinner-most all of the ballgowns (then and now) have detachable trains-those dresses wre for entrances and a first dance-not a gilt ballroom chair!-i am sure the lady did not cut her dress off…


  5. reading the reviews of the Met Party ..the somewhat sad comments re: Mrs. Vreeland-from people- i had the unexpected pleasure to meet her (with my boss)..she was all about business-warm and welcoming-she was as I’d imagined she would be…there will never be another Vreeland…as stated here before…”It has been done”-someone should remind Ms. Wintour…


  6. I love the photo of your mother–and in a shirtwaist! And thanks for the Cooper Hewitt link. Somehow I missed your references to it in the past, and it is now on my blog reading list.


  7. Scarves as Art is a great concept. Have a good week x


  8. I love old picutes! Your mom look really happy 🙂
    Recently I have been looking at the old pictures when visiting my mother. Lot’s of memories.
    Thanks for reading list.
    I love the part – Can fashion be sustainable? – I fully agree with her.
    Have a great day!


  9. THANK YOU Lizzy for including the article -Daily Reporter- the interview with Mr. James was all-too-telling…sadly many great artists end up in sad circumstances…the description of his living conditions…i must wonder (as a former fashion editor) if these descriptives are used for shock value!?? or to attract more readers….the body of the interview describes Mr. James bitterly defending his creativity,honour,and associating himself with Champions in his industry…like Chanel,etc.-i find it difficult (and so would the interviewing editor)to believe he was Loaned and traded garments for a showing of his collection! That is simply not done!?? As for the terms “get even” flying on the banners-who / why would a professional use such descriptive!?? We are seeing a lot of this lately-RE-inventing / re-imagined-re: the creative genius of vintage designers…it certainly gives one room for thought! !!! the missing train-trying to stuff that tulle into the hat check-LOL!!! LOVE IT!!!


  10. Christina

    The article about Los Angeles fast fashion was fascinating. Sustainable fashion – excellent presentation by Vanessa Friedman.


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