Ad Campaign – Premier Nylon Thread, 1949


Nylon Sewing Thread


Nylon Garments.


Premier S.S. Neophil

…Nothing Finer!

The FIRST Successful Nylon Sewing Thread

This is a seriously odd ad, from the poem-like copy to the naked women worshiping(?) the nylon garments hanging from trees.  Naturally!

But beyond that, this is actually a useful ad as it helps establish when nylon thread was first used.  Nylon was first marketed in 1938 as stockings, but due to WWII, nylon garments were not really available until after 1945.   After the war there was a great deal of experimentation with the fiber, and new uses, especially lingerie and blouses, were developed.

I don’t know when nylon thread became available to the home sewer, but I can remember people being really excited about it in the mid to late 1960s.  Perhaps this is one of those cases where my experiences do not firmly mesh with the historical facts.


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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Premier Nylon Thread, 1949

  1. I remember sewing with it, then pressing as usual. You know what happened, don’t you?


  2. Yes, the stress on the naturalness of the product does seem a little misplaced. Now, I have some old wooden reels of Nylon thread somewhere. Maybe I can find them…


  3. Now I interpreted the image differently. I saw a bunch of naked ladies waiting in their garden for their nylon underpinnings to dry so that they could slip them from the clothes line, step into them and go…little bit?


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