1964 World’s Fair Novelty Print Blouse

The 1964 World’s Fair which was held in New York was a very big deal.  I wasn’t lucky enough to attend the fair, but I did read all about it in Life magazine and other publications.  It was all about the future, and how in order to survive all the countries were going to have to declare peace.  If only…

My friend Mod Betty at RetroRoadmap.com sent this gem my way recently.  She was selling some things when her neighbor noticed that the flags looked like they read “World’s Fair.”  You can barely make it out, but once you know the words are there, you see them.

This part of the print rather confirms that this is supposed to depict the 1964 World’s Fair.  The big globe, or Unisphere,  was the centerpiece of the fair and still can be seen at the site of the fair in Flushing Meadows.

The giant clam shell structure is probably the General Electric exhibit, The Carousel of Progress.  I can remember seeing it at Disney World in the 1970s.

Correction:  This is the Traveler’s Insurance exhibit, as identified by Rebecca.

My guess is that this fabric was made by a fabric printer who was trying to capitalize off the popularity of the World’s Fair without having an actual connection to it.   There were a lot of corporate sponsors, and I imagine they had their own official fair products for sale.  This fabric was close enough to the images of the fair for everyone to make the connection, but not close enough to actually claim to portray the fair.

A big thanks to Mod Betty for the wonderful addition to my collection.


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7 responses to “1964 World’s Fair Novelty Print Blouse

  1. WOW! That is spectacular! I’ve seen the 1962 Worlds Fair print, which is more realistic, but this is just fabulous! So modern!


  2. Love the colors! Such a wonderful print!


  3. QueensGirl

    Wow! It’s so wonderful to know this exists. I’m from Flushing, so I am particularly biased.


  4. The print is great. I remember the Carousel of Progress from when it was at Disneyland in California. Years later, in the 1990s, I saw it again at The Magic Kingdom in Orlando. (Wish it would come back to California.)


  5. Rebecca

    Hi Lizzi,
    I am the neighbor that saved the blouse, I am so glad Mod Betty sent it to you so that it could be shared with others! I recently sold a 64WF scarf, so I recognized some of the buildings when I spotted the blouse. I believe the clamshell structure is the Traveler’s Insurance exhibit, which can be seen here: http://www.nywf64.com/travelers05.shtml
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. A triumphant and celebratory print!


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