Thoughts on Bathing Suits, and a Winner



First, congratulations to the winner of the Popina Bathing Suit giveaway – Karen Antonowicz.  Karen, I’ll be in touch with the details.

I want to thank all who entered the giveaway.  I was really surprised at the number of entries considering that I did not post about the contest on any social media.  I really wanted this to be for Vintage Traveler readers.  Thanks for being my little vintage community.

From some of the comments, I gather that there is a bit of swimsuit anxiety among us.  I’ll admit to suffering from it.  As Jet Set Sewing put it in her comment, she’d  not model it online in case she won.  I can relate.

It’s no wonder really.  This time of year we are bombarded by ads and articles on getting a “bathing suit body.”  But one of my nieces put it all into perspective with something she posted somewhere online:  Take your body, put a bathing suit on it.  Instant bathing suit body.

I think we worry too much about what others might think of a bit of flab or sag or wrinkle instead of just putting on the bathing suit and enjoying the beach or pool or lake.  The truth is, I’m almost 60 years old, and covering my body from head to toe is not going to disguise that fact.  I’m reasonably fit, but I still have flabby and saggy bits.  But I’ve got a few wrinkles on my face and I’m not obsessed with covering it.

It’s summer.  I’m going to wear my shorts and short skirts and short sleeve tops and stay cool.  And if I’m lucky enough to encounter a large body of water, I’ll be wearing my bathing suit.


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3 responses to “Thoughts on Bathing Suits, and a Winner

  1. Well – I am sad I did not win but I love your niece’s quote!


  2. Congrats to the Karen! Yes, we all need to put it into perspective but it’s not easy with an aging body I will admit. Thing is, I recall a few years ago on a Hawaiian vacation that once on the beach when you see that normal people look, well, normal, flaws and all, you sort of let go of all the obsession about a few extra pounds, dimpled thighs and the like. No one is perfect anyway.


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