Ad Campaign – Revlon, 1946

Watch Revlon’s new “Tortoise Shell”

Another new color point-of-view originated by Revlon!  It will be seen here (with formal dress in town) and there (punctuating a suntan at Palm springs) this winter.  Watch “Tortoise Shell” … russet with luminous high-lights… special-occasion color for matching lips and fingertips.  By the 4th of July, it will be another smart Americanism!

Despite the name, it just looks like red to me.  Maybe the strategy was to call it something very un-red, and see if women bought it. It’s an interesting concept.

The sunglasses, which were also a Revlon product, are an odd combination of tortoise and bling.  I guess they were designed to blind your beach companions.  The scarf is by Tina Leser, and appears to be one of her wonderful hand-painted creations.

The photographer was Constantin Joffé , and if you didn’t know better, this could pass for a modern instagram photo.  There has to be an app that will put your photo in the sunglass lense!


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7 responses to “Ad Campaign – Revlon, 1946

  1. Danette

    Love how modern this is!!


  2. I guess “russet” meant a brownish red to coordinate with the beautiful scarf, which looks timeless. There are years when it seems there are no lipsticks that don’t have brown tints — so cruel to less-than-very-white teeth. I’m glad I never saw anyone wearing these Harold-Lloyd-plus rhinestones glasses — I was too young, for once!


  3. I…. would probably wear those sunglasses. They’re so goofy, but in a really fun way.


  4. Love that Tina Leser scarf. So modern!


  5. I also dig, dig the sunglasses!! ~T.


  6. for once, i wasn’t born as yyet-me in 47!- a 50’s movie with Jane Wyman -same glasses-love it-everyone has copied them-i am told by cosmetics exec (of the period)..VERY daring ad/fashion forward- the first of ” cluster” campaigns-i think the women should do a little history research- what a fresh-sophisticated ad this must have been – after what women had endured from WW2-how wonderful for them!!! thank you Lizzie



    It IS very current ! Everything comes back , perhaps with not so much quality ! I bought a tiny pair of Bakelite opera glasses with rhinestones and I carry them in my bag but never remember they are in there !


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