June in Review

Wow, but that was fast.  I’m referring to the coming and the going of June.  It seems likes this happens every summer.  It will be snowing before we know it so let’s enjoy summer while we can.

A sparrow thought it was good idea to build her nest in a flowerpot at my local Lowe’s Home Center.  She choose her site well, as the workers at Lowe’s took great care to protect mother and babies.

The worst thing about having too much stuff is trying to find what you need when you need it.  After one such hunting expedition I went on an organization binge.

The best part was that I found this strip of photo booth pictures that have been lost for about ten years!  I’m on the left, and my friend Carolyn is on the right.  We were visiting the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and could not resist.  What I can’t get over is how much I actually look like Andy in that last photo.  I really hope Carolyn is not reading this because I remotely remember something about promising to destroy these.

I posted a link to this auction earlier, but I’m still not over the fact that someone paid $831 for one sewing pattern.

Of course I did a little bit of vintage shopping in June.  I love a good sports themed booth.

This statue is in the graveyard at the  St. John of the Wilderness Church in Flat Rock, NC.  For some reason, everywhere I went that day I was reminded of my sister.  Can you see the word “Sisters” on the plaque?  And what about those two little birds.  I was touched.

Yes, I do have a few scarves.  And yes, I do have a few blue scarves.

This is our dog Spooky.  Spooky is a very old guy – seventeen – and this is about as active as he gets these days.  Still, he’s a good old fellow.  He loves his vintage Scottie quilt.

My husband celebrated his sixty-fifth birthday in June.  I was glad to help him celebrate.

The end of the day, and of June.


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13 responses to “June in Review

  1. Love your synopsis…it was acutally a soothing read. Who had the Bloody Mary and who had the wine?


  2. I had the Bloody Mary, but he got the olives!


  3. vastlycurious.com

    Fun post! I was just thinking about you today at the hair salon while I was looking at my favorite tumblr site Artdecoblog.tumbler.com. I never tire of it and many of the fashions shown mimic that pattern that sold for so much. I suppose if you have the money…………


  4. seweverythingblog

    I wish I knew the person who paid $831 for the pattern. I could become rich off this nice person. Have some patterns just like that 🙂
    Your birds nest picture is beautiful. Nature never fails to amaze at the most unexpected places….


  5. Yes, June disappeared before I realised it was here too! Love Spooky! Gorgeous little face 🙂


  6. I love Spooky! And I love following you on Instagram.


  7. You always spot so many great things, Lizzie! Here’s my guess about that vintage pattern. Rumor has it that vendors who are buying on Ebay have some kind of automatic software that bids for things at the last second. Maybe two of them had the software but didn’t put a cap on the amount? That’s my conspiracy theory, anyway. Another blogger showed an uninspiring 40s mail order pattern that went for $2,000. My guess is the buyers renege.


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