Vintage Miscellany – July 20, 2014

The guy from whom I purchased this photo referred to it as the Atlanta Tennis Club.  By the late 1910s, when this photo was taken, the game of tennis was firmly established in the USA, though I doubt these young players were members at a fancy club.  Surely they did not allow men to play with just one shoe at the renowned Atlanta Athletic Club!

And so we’ll start off with a tennis story.

*   What does one do with the dress of a tennis legend?

*  Fashion historian Anne Hollander died recently.  Read this article from her in a 1974 New York magazine to get a small taste of why she was so important to the study of fashion.

*   It has been ten years since Geoffrey Beene’s death, and Colin McDowell reminds us of the importance of the designer.

*   Susan has written about a long forgotten danger of bicycle riding.

*  It would not be Vintage Miscellany without a Charles James link.  At the Sunday at the Met program two weeks ago, Zac Posen and “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” co-curator Jan Glier Reeder discussed the design career of James.  Take an hour and watch, or rather, listen, and be impressed by the very fashion-literate Mr. Posen.

*   Eileen Ford, the modeling agency owner, died last week.

*  Weaver Theo Wright shows how he makes a scarf in this interesting photo essay.

*  The Vintage Fashion Guild has unveiled a beautiful new website.

*  Don’t even think about stealing museum artifacts in North Carolina.  We have cameras everywhere, as two thief wannabees found out.

Next week I’ve having some much needed and long over-due hand surgery, so I may be a bit quiet in the comment department.  Posts will still go up, as I’ve got some nice things already lined up and written, and I’ll be reading your comments.  Hopefully I’ll be back to clicking the mouse very soon!


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10 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – July 20, 2014

  1. No idea about the tennis club, but I wonder if the bare foot photo was the result of some sort of bet? Surely you’d play with both bare feet, if shoes were an issue. (Hmm. Now I’m wondering if the young man might have had a shortened right leg)


  2. I must admire the creativity of the couple who did the dino theft. I wonder what their motives were.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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  3. So sweet to have posts lined up for us vintage traveler junkies!
    Be well our compatriot in fashion.


  4. Dear Ms. were so kind to report the passing of Eileen Ford, I had the honour of knowing and working with her- thru many years…always the Pro and a Lady. She was responsible for launching iconic careers-as you know- and cared about her models and encouraged them to even greater heights after they left her..few people outside the fashion world will ever know she is a legend in her own time..thank you for your listing-talk about fashion!?!


  5. QueensGirl

    Wishing you a speedy and comfortable recovery!


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