July in Review

Another summer month has come and gone.  When I took the above photo near the beginning of July, I was thrilled at the thought that one little tomato was beginning to ripen.  Now the vines are hanging full and it’s time to think about making salsa.

Not even the best clothing label imaginable could save Jenny Burns Menswear, which was open from 1976 to 1988.  Note the driver’s nautical striped shirt!

The woods behind our house have a healthy crop of trumpet vine.

Poor me, forced to lie around with a book all day.

But the stir crazies set in eventually, and so we headed down to South Carolina to peach country.  Peaches are one of the true delights of summer.

This is Kallie, the neighbor’s rescue.  Actually I should say one of the neighbor’s rescues, as they have three.  Kallie loves to herd, as the two horses at her farm will tell you.

This is the Basilica of Saint Lawrence in Asheville.  It was designed by  Rafael Guastavino [shortly before he died in 1908], and features a spectacular tiled dome.

The Scottie of the month is on one of my travel themed novelty print skirts.   How about that fringed roof and the button axles?

I keep buying orchids, though I’ve had zero success with them.  I feel like a serial killer.

This is Lake Junaluska, a nearby lake where people from the community gather to walk and relax.

And that is it for July.




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10 responses to “July in Review

  1. Lynne

    How delightful this post is…a pleasant interlude in–and end to–a frantically busy day. Thank you for that.


  2. QueensGirl

    So much to say!
    1. July passed too quickly this year.
    2. But the peaches have been outstanding.
    3. Had no idea the Guastavinos did any work outside of NY, thank you for posting the Asheville church.
    4. Very cute rescue pup!

    Hope you’re mending well and enjoying this fleeting season!


    • Guastavino came to Asheville for a project on the Biltmore Estate, and ended up moving here. He actually did quite a bit of work in North Carolina at the end of his career, projects that were finished by his son. He is buried in the crypt at Saint Lawrence.




  4. Thanks for sharing your July. I love Kallie too. Gorgeous little fella! xx


  5. I have no plants in my house at all, after finally realizing my limitations. At least orchids last awhile before they die.


  6. A lovely read – thank you!! (I am convinced that orchids have a death wish, so don’t blame yourself.)


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