Vintage Miscellany – August 3, 2014

It’s August, and that means that here in the southern mountains there are three more good months of decent outside weather.  So why was it that when we went in search of a certain piece of outdoor furniture the stores had little to no selection.  In one large chain store the garden center had already been converted into a Halloween and Thanksgiving shop!  I could not find a hammock, but there was a great selection of orange and black junk.

Actually, I did finally find my hammock, stuck back in a corner at KMart, and it was one half off.  But surely I’m not the only person who sees what is wrong with this picture.

And now for the news…

*   A clothing company in Japan is making jeans made from denim that has been “naturally distressed” by lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

*   World War One is now one hundred years ago, and to commemorate the start of the war, several museums have exhibitions on women’s clothing during the Great War.  Kent State University Museum  American Textile History Museum  Fashion Museum of Bath

*  And a little taste of WW1 fashion comes to us from Jonathan Walford’s blog.

*  And here’s a great story about a WWI kilt. thanks to Christina

*  If you are in New York City this week, find your way to the Alexander Gray Gallery on West 26th Street to see Vera Paints a Summer Bouquet, through August 12.

*   The voting does not start for a few weeks, but there is already speculation on how an independent Scotland would affect the textile industry there.

*   The University of Georgia’s Historic Clothing and Textile Collection is in the process of being inventoried and photographed in order to make an online archive.

*   A similar process is happening at the Afton Historical Museum of Afton, Minnesota.  Amazing where you might find important clothing collections!

*   Robin Givhan asks the very important question,  “Why hasn’t Project Runway produced the next great fashion designer?”

*   And finally, I’m simply amazed sometimes at how many documents from the past have been saved in the oddest places.


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8 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – August 3, 2014

  1. By following the links on the University of Georgia articles, I found the marvellous facebook page where each garment being cataloged is posted as the work progresses. Kudos to Charity Everett!


    • Yes, this is very important work, and it is good to see the progress. The large museums already have much of their holdings online, so it is exciting to see smaller collections becoming accessible as well.


  2. the comment made by Robin re: the ..”why has this reality show not produced a “fashion star” !? !…if one knew / respected the Fashion Business” as a business (many, many millions of dollars each season)..employing many thousands of real jobs – instead of producing ” Stars’….where “stars” are not necessary – nor required….you have your answer!!! Go back a few decades….Designers were Designers – respected for their talent.the true PROS really did not covet “stardom”…until the press and a lot of publicists “hatched” their money making schemes – then the runways became a “circus”…the clothes even took second place!!!! And so it went…we all know the rest…the real pros Robin refers to -never had a circus – like atmosphere for the showing of their collections . As far as Celebs “sitting ” on judging panels -they do not belong there-UNLESS they have fashion credentials. ONLY MY OPINION… here is truely good talent out there-I don’t see much in publications or on the racks -hang on to your Calvin, Donna, Ralph and REAL VINTAGE!!!


    • Excellent points. And I completely agree about the celebrities on the judging panels. Actually the only one really qualified to judge is Mr. Posen. Heidi Klum bases her opinions on what would look good on her, and Nina Garcia on what would look good in her magazine.


  3. Jacq Staubs

    YOU have it Ms. Lizzie…..wonder what happened to the “Creative Merchandising” executives!?


  4. Great roundup of links as always, Lizzie–thank you! I love that story about the WWI kilt. And I wish I could be in NYC this summer to see the Vera exhibit.


  5. What a line up of interesting titles to read. Now if only I could find a chair to sit on, I would begin… You are distracting me form my unpacking and I love it! Where to start?


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