Ad Campaign – Ceeb of Miami, 1960

Thunderbird is the word!

For your sculptured Ceeb swimsuit… get inside this faille Lastex creation from Indian Summer Collection.  A vibrant hand screened print in gold or lilac combinations…For smashing coordinates, try the cotton skirt and the Italian straw hat with matching band and snood.

I find this ad to be a bit confusing.  I suppose the print is a bit “Indian” inspired, with the reference to Thunderbird and the fact that they called the collection “Indian Summer.”  But what’s with that sculpture (Is it African, or is it modern?) and the odd arm gestures?

I love that the ad shows the coordinating skirt and the hat with the matching band and Snood.  But who was still using the word “snood” in 1960?  Odd.


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12 responses to “Ad Campaign – Ceeb of Miami, 1960

  1. joulesstar

    Yep, a touch bizarre, yet, I’m sold!
    They had me at lilac.


  2. Beth Pfaff

    Oh dear….that horizontal design does nothing for the model’s hips!


    • I disagree – it’s doing a LOT for the model’s hips. I think it’s hard to look at this stuff with a period eye, but 1960 was the last gasp of the tiny waist/wide hip aesthetic. You were even supposed to have a little bit of a belly. Consider this 1960 pattern illustration, given that illustrations always represent the ideal:


  3. I have a hat in my collection like the one the model is wearing. I will take a pic and post it on your site.

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  4. I think the sculpture looks a little like a power tool.


  5. Looks more like “Thunder Thighs” than “Thunderbird,” but the playsuit/skirt combo is very cool. My husband and his single mom used to vacation at the Fountainbleu in Miami during that era, and she probably wore something just like that. Think the snood was how they protected their haircolor/hairdo in the sun?


  6. Quite the odd ad indeed, But I do love that suit!!


  7. It’s a great fabric, you have to admit! Those models would now be used for the “plus” sizes!


    • I love the fabric, and the swimsuits as well. I think part of the problem with the models is that this style is actually not very flattering in an average figure. You’d think that a suit with shorts would provide more coverage and look better, but instead the length cuts across the very top of the thigh and makes them look even heavier.


  8. Carrie

    Great set, strange ad campaign indeed! I agree that the arm gestures are puzzling vs a convincing evocation of “native” sign language… The model on the right appears to be either signalling “I’ve had it up to here” or threatening to slit someone’s throat, lol!


  9. “I think the sculpture looks a little like a power tool.”
    That’s funny, because at first glance I thought the same thing! But I do like the outfits and any piece from Ceeb of Miami I’ve ever come across has been well made and really cute. Though I do agree the models poses are very strange.


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