Shopping with the Vintage Traveler

It’s been a while since I did a shopping post, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve not been able to do a lot of shopping lately.  But I’ve finally managed to get out a bit, and so can show you the things I thought were interesting, but that I did not buy.  The items are from a variety of local venues.

The picture above is a painted pillow cover.  I called it “Two lovers adrift.”

This beautiful 1920s box originally held fragranced soaps.

Here’s a potato chip can for The New Era Scientifically Processed Potato Chips.  The chips are so healthy that they are good for athletes.

They were made from that healthy substance, hydrogenated vegetable shortening.

This adorable little nautical shirt was made by Catalina, and was for a child.  How about that Breton shirt the sailor duck is wearing!

I’d never seen the label before, but it is similar to the labels Catalina used in the later 1950s.

Here’s a hat devoted to my favorite golf hole.

Being in the East (but not in Nashville) , I don’t see a lot of western wear, but these women’s pants were really nice.

Proof that there are still bargains to be found, these 1920s shoes were priced at $6!  The condition is better than my photos look, as the cracks are on the surface and would be covered with polish.

Here’s a new one on me – a hankie greeting card.  And the inside:

A shipboard romance triangle in the making…

And finally, I spotted this rack of dresses in a local antique mall.  I’ve learned from experience not to get too excited about a rack of clothing because they often contain the seller’s closet rejects.  But in this case the rack was full of 1930s and 1940s frocks.  You just never know.


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27 responses to “Shopping with the Vintage Traveler

  1. We had one of those New Era tins around the house for years when I was a child. Back then you kept things like that and reused them.


  2. cardboard.suitcase

    It’s interesting that you see the icon on the sailor shirt as a duck (in profile). I see it as a person straight on, with the “beak” instead being ribbon tails fluttering from behind the hat.

    …To be honest, looking at it again it kind-of freaks me out as a duck. 😀


  3. I think I know just where that antique shop is in Asheville. I was there about a month ago and bought several of those dresses! It was such a wonderful surprise. I’m actually going back this coming weekend and hope to see some more there. I live about an hour and a half from there.


  4. I saw it as a duck too !

    Oh, and I collected hankies for quite a while and I have seen several of those hankie cards. My favorite is one I have that is a birthday card with different color horses. It’s humorous and references the phrase “horse of a different color”, probably from that Wizard of Oz scene.


  5. neatokeenetsy

    I love your shopping posts! This go-round I am partial to the potato chip can. Thank goodness they are on the Alkaline side – we wouldn’t want to eat Acidic potato chips! 😀


  6. Oh dear lord! Those pants!!!


  7. I think I probably would have gone home with that hankie card…


  8. The things I learn here, Lizzie! I have never seen a painted pillow case or a hanky card. And that Catalina shirt looks like it was inspired by the Russian constructivists.


  9. I love these posts, too, Lizzie! Sorry to hear you’re still not 100%, and hope you’re keeping your spirits high despite all.
    xx del


  10. Lots of wonderful things in this post–makes me wish I was shopping with you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Thanks for the little shopping trip. I love to go antiquing, flea markets and junk shopping – it’s fun too look even if you don’t buy it.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. What a great haul! I love the hankie card. Never seen one of those on my travels around our charity shops.


  13. Do you think it’s really meant as a hanky? I immediately thought “cocktail napkin” – although perhaps only because of the content.



    That was fun! I really liked those black pants!


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