Value of a Blog


There are several sites on the internet where a blogger can answer a few questions and provide a link to the blog, and the site will calculate how much the blog is “worth.”   Not that I’d ever sell The Vintage Traveler, but considering the time and energy I put into this blog, the price is a paltry amount.

The way I see it, the real value of a blog is what happens as a result.  In my case, I’m happy to be a part of a group of people who share my interest in and love of fashion history.   I like to think that we are adding to the body of knowledge that makes up that history.

I said “we” instead of “I” for a reason, as I consider the comments and feedback that are posted here to be as important as any original post that I happen to write.   I’ll freely admit that I often get it wrong in my assumptions, and I’m happy to be led to the truth by a reader.  And I’m always happy to let readers add to any story I might tell.

I’m saying all this because in the past week I’ve gotten two emails from valued readers and friends who feared they were “over-stepping” in their comments made here.  I want to assure anyone who posts at The Vintage Traveler that all comments are welcome (unless they are mean, but that’s another story).  I can tell you that I blogged for five years with only an occasional comment and I felt like I was talking to an empty room.  It is the interaction between the blog and commenters that gives added worth to the original writing.

So, thanks to all who take the time to read and comment (even snarky little brothers).

Another perk to writing a blog is meeting new friends.  Diana of Past Pieces Vintage was in Asheville recently with her friend, and we got together for a very fun lunch.   After talking here and on Instagram, it was like meeting an old, instead of new, friend.  Thanks again, Diana!



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24 responses to “Value of a Blog

  1. I will freely admit that I was a little nervous meeting Lizzie ‘in real life’ eventhough I considered her already a friend. It isn’t every day one meets a celebrity and I was worried would I be too silly, not have anything to talk about, drop food on my shirt, etc. Y’all know how it is! I’ve got to say she’s even more delightful in person and the time we spent together wasn’t enough! One of the reasons I wanted to meet her was to let her know how valuable what she does is and how much she means to me. I hope I was able to do that.

    I agree that it’s gratifying to chat with those who share common interests. Not everyone ‘gets’ the love of vintage and most people’s eyes glaze over if you (try to) talk about it. I still have so much to learn and I can’t begin to say how much I’ve learned right here, and will continue to learn, I’m sure.

    Face to face meetings are fun; fellowship, networking, learning, sharing, socializing. Anybody up for a convention???

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  2. I never gave sites that calculate a blog’s value a thought. For what it’s worth, your blog is such a valuable source of knowledge about fashion history – as well as an absolute pleasure to read – priceless! Thank you so much Lizzie!

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  3. We are fairly sure your blog is priceless.

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  4. A world without your blog would be a much duller place Lizzie. Oh, and if I lived on your side of the big pond, you’d have to shake me off with a stick. Literally!!

    BTW! I love how you and Diana are wearing matching stripes!


  5. I don’t reply very often because I know relatively little about the topic. However, because I do read your blog quite regularly, I’m learning more all the time.

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  6. I think you’re really right, most blogs are valuable because of the connections that happen through them. I know my blog probably isn’t worth much, but it IS so nice, as Diana said, to talk with like-minded people!!! It sure adds a lot to my life, and discovering your blog has helped me so much in my own knowledge!

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  7. I don’t think I could have said it better! I have nothing to add other than to say I love your blog and have learned so much from you and your commenters – so thank you!

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  8. There is something very powerful about sharing knowledge and shared interests around the globe – thank you for adding so much to the conversation, Lizzie!



    I L♥ V E your blog and fashion. Generally I learn something every time I read it. I have missed you. Trying to be here more !


  10. I agree with the others, Lizzie! The Vintage Traveler is priceless. Thank you for the daily does of retro-rocking inspiration and Nancy Drew-worthy investigation and research. Great photograph! ~Theadora

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  11. Beth Pfaff

    You have written so many interesting articles. There is always something new to learn about something old!

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  12. Lizzie,
    I agree that your blog is priceless! Many years ago, I studied historic costume and textiles in graduate school. Have forgotten quite a bit of what I learned, but never lost the love of the field, and I’m just as excited over your great finds and the information that you and your readers share as I am over any vintage or antique discoveries of my own.


  13. i am fairly new to your blog…as a retired fashion exec (Fashion Editor, Director Mdsng. and Advertising i have found you personally very professional and open/fair in your receieving of comments and extremely informative.The average consumer interested in vintage fashion must be thrilled to have access to all of your hard work ! I certainly am – I have learned and enjoyed all of the issues…I must also say comments posted here should remain constructive in nature..No one has ever agreed on fashion new or vintage-or-it’s political or social are always very polite and correct in handling sensitive subjects. If someone feels like a battle of wills they should tune in to their local talk radio… THANK YOU LIZZIE for being here!


  14. I will always be forever grateful for your knowledge and passion! xxx


  15. Well, I think a lot about the value of blogs as a former academic who had to publish in the traditional way. While I love books for their permanence (and still think you should write a book), blogs have amazing value for their immediacy and the relationship that you can strike up with readers. I think you have shown all the best qualities of a blog, since your readers’ comments are so interesting. Moreover, you have become a source for people to write in about their own lives in the world of fashion. Let me just say what everyone else has said–this blog is priceless!


  16. When I wrote the title of this post, I had no idea that you wonderful people would think I was literally asking what this blog is worth. The point was, of course, that I wanted readers to know how valuable the comments are to the overall worth of The Vintage Traveler. And yes, I do appreciate all the kind words, and I’m happy that so many people that I respect seem to have the same sentiment toward me.


  17. …and what contributes to the priceless nature of your blog is that you somehow manage to come up with something of interest day-after-day. That’s truly amazing!


  18. LB

    Snarky? Well, you’ve called me worse.


  19. What an interesting notion…one I haven’t given much thought to, but one I can relate to! Like you, I felt I was talking to an empty room for a period of time, but so much as changed now! I have met so many people, learned so much and shared my own knowledge to help people. Blogs are certainly worth something!


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