Ad Campaign – Lady Manhattan, 1958

The mood is excitement and now is the time for Lady Manhattan

Smoothest classic shirt in sight… in Reeves silky Supima cotton broadcloth.  And it boasts the distinctive virtues of all Lady Manhattan shirts…precision cut, collars and extra-long stay-in shirt tails.

Last week when I was looking for a Lady Manhattan ad I couldn’t find one, but better late than never, no?   The shirt in the ad is very similar to the two that I have with the open collar, French cuffs and French front.  I love that the model is wearing it with slacks, even though she’s all glammed up otherwise.  But how else would one present oneself when flying their jet fighter?


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13 responses to “Ad Campaign – Lady Manhattan, 1958

  1. Love it! Silk scarf swathes the hair, lips & nails are immaculate, and dress is very appropriate! (Bet she’s got on some great booties, too.) Definitely better late than never – thanks, Lizzie!


  2. Thanks for the French front link.
    When I buy a blouse that does not have a button that lines up with my bust point, the French front is the one that can’t be kept from gaping by adding a concealed snap or a piece of double-sided tape. Now I have a name for it! (And who hasn’t bought a pretty silk blouse in spite of its badly designed button placement….?)


  3. Dear Lizzie..GREAT AD !..the “French front is so beautifully tailored…the 50’s Harliquin motif(they applied it to pants , bloomers , etc. – as well as home furnishings! Remember I Love Lucy -was great example…the head scarf and pants …very ” mo-dern”! your comment!!! thank you…the “French front detail appears to be incorporated with a slightly Dolman/or-droped sleeve to permit the insure a better fit at the brerast-to keep it from gaping?…the Donna Karen signature” in her first few collections have a similiar blouse – i found 3 – of my Mothers- in silk and cotton…both with French cuffs…and the “sarong” style tea-length nskirt to accompany-closing exactly at the closure of the “French” style blouse……i think a tailored/sexy look!!!??


  4. Oh great ad and an even better shirt! Love it!

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  5. I love the picture, and especially the scarf. I wish scarves on your head would make a come back in the fashion world! They looks so stylish, but I can never get them to look like that on me.


  6. So the idea seems to be that you need a male occupation to wear a man’s style shirt. But I would wear this even without a jet fighter to raise the excitement level.


  7. Perfect for scooting off on a city mini-break with just an overnight bag and a secret lover! 🙂

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    Quite the pose! I am sitting at an airport and wish it was me !


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