The American Magazine, June 1933

Pyjamas were the women’s pants of the early 1930s.  Worn only on the most casual of occasions, they are most associated with the beach or with sailing.  Today they are more commonly found than you might think, but they are highly prized by vintage wearers and collectors.  I have two pairs in my collection, but I’d love to have a matching set like this, with the pants, sun top, and jacket, not to mention the hat and sandals.


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9 responses to “The American Magazine, June 1933

  1. Wonderful color blocking! I’m sure the wearer would look like a magnificent butterfly! Thanks for sharing this.


  2. hi Lizzie, i posted you re pants(wide–boating photo a while ago – PJ’s – i had them in my shop in/about 1975 in Key West from Holly Harp- they were in silk crepe-they fell from a fitted (waist to hip front and back-a camisole(some with a bandeau type of top and /or mostly with straps in varying widths-along with a elegant junlines jacket in again, varying lengths….the colours so fabulous-from petal pastels to hot to white and pearl tones…very 30’s sleek / sexy and chic-great for dinner -i could not keep them in stock-i first saw them while at Neiman Marcus(i was in Fashion Office)..i sold a “set” to Margo Kidder to wear on Johnny Carson-he went crazy when she made her entrance!…if you can get info on Holly Harp – do so will love her things—-LOVE the PJ post!!!!!!! THANK YOU


  3. So modern looking! That’s a new magazine title for me.


  4. It’s such a great look. I wish I were built for wide pants!


  5. Christina

    Delicious colour palette. Who is the illustrator Lizzie? I can’t make out the name.


  6. Loving the beach pajama set! Those colors are fabulous!



    This is glorious especially as it is an illustration which I thought was beginning to have a rejuvenation in marketing, but now not so sure. Wouldn’t this be lush in satin !


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