Mademoiselle, June, 1941

Even though this is the cover of a June issue, the photo reminds me more of this time of year.  The stores and magazines are now full of clothes for cold weather, but here in the South there will be at least another month of warm weather.  Women in the South (and the southern parts of the West) have long known to transition to autumn clothing slowly.  Put away the whites and the light pastels and rely on warm, golden colors in cottons.  Add a sweater on chilly mornings.  The coats won’t really come out of the closets until late November.

I finally had a chance to sit down and thumb through the massive Vogue September issue.  At 856 pages, this issue fell short of the 916 page record, but still it is heavy and bulky and full of things to buy.  It is another season of asking who in their right mind would wear a certain shoe, in this case a particularly ugly Dior model that looks like three different shoes were thrown into a blender and mishmashed together.

And while I didn’t sit and count the pages, it sure seems to me that most of the big fashion houses are really in the business of selling accessories.  For the most part, the shoes look ugly and difficult to wear, whereas handbags are generally sleeker and not as tricked out as in previous seasons.

But the only company whose ads really made me wish I had thousands to spend was Louis Vuitton.  The clothes have a nice uncluttered mod vibe, and there is a little handbag that is like a miniature Vuitton trunk.  There is also an article about the new designer at Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquiere.

Like I said, living in the South means that our clothes are lighter.  I have several coats, all vintage, none of which I wear more than a handful of times each season.  Maybe that is why I find the over-abundance of fur in Vogue so odd.  There were three editorial features on coats, and the majority of the ones shown were either made from fur or trimmed with it.  And many of the other features also had furs.  I don’t get the emphasis on a product that many women can’t wear because of their climate, and that many will not wear because they feel wearing fur is wrong.


I decided to add a photo of the ugly Dior shoes, taken from one of the many Dior ads in the Vogue September issue.  The pink part is actually molded rubber, like the sole of an athletic shoe, and the name “Dior” is embossed there near the heel.  Note also that the very tip of the black part is red, which extends under that cute little over-hang.  In some photos it looks like a tongue.  And finally, I do hope that heel is steel reinforced, as I can see that really narrow part snapping right off.


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15 responses to “Mademoiselle, June, 1941

  1. aaandersen1950

    Love ur blog, can’t believe the summer flew by without spending more time here. Hope to remedy that this fall!!!


  2. I was scratching my head at all the fur in the latest issue of Vogue too. The only things I was interested in were some of the fabrics in the photos – but since the magazine isn’t about where you can get the fabrics, I was rather bored with all 856 pages.

    On another note, I just saw (and retweeted) a tweet with this link: Why Can’t You Wear White After Labor Day? (Answer: You can, and will probably want to when you read why this became a rule in the first place!)


    • What really amazes me is that when the fall shows happen, way back in February, I always see great pieces, but then when they are actually for sale in August, the stuff they choose to represent the collection in the magazine ads is just bizarre. Chanel sent some super things down the runway, but you wouldn’t know it by seeing their ads.

      Thanks for the link!


  3. Dear Lizzie, i too, am and have been a little “turned off” by the shoes..the bags are all over the place , and while realizing the world of “Fashion” is about change – a reflection and visual expression of our current world and social climate….the answer comes……when we reflect a moment-the world is social climate is all over the place 1 i am NOT getting into politics here- it / this is merely a thought or observation….we remember the fashion expressions of times past- the 70’s and 80’s all definite reflections of the world political / social climate? I was a Fashion Director in those years….the fur issue -you are absolutely correct-i was with Maximillian as FD -and that was during the Fur Wars…unlike then — now we have a new generation that has no memory/and or apparently could care less!!!……designers and editors are mostly of a totally new generation and so it goes… The cover of Mlle. had a few soldiers looking twice at the news stands!???!!!!


  4. I could not agree more about those shoes. (I have very definite ideas about shoes – and if it is not a classic pump, then I probably won’t like it…) I also agree about the Louis Vuitton bags – I am smitten!
    What a magazine great cover.


  5. Love the Vuitton bag…dislike the shoes!


  6. I love that look on the 1941 cover! It’s lovely. And hey, it’s not just the south and west that often have warmer weather into late October–we can often have warmer days in late fall here in Michigan. (It was so warm when we were in Vienna last summer that we had ice cream instead of pastry at one of our coffee house stops. I was sweating in my autumn layers.) Global warming, baby.

    Those Dior shoes look like she stepped on a piece of cake that got all stuck to the midsole.

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  7. I am sooo back-and-forth about bothering to look at Vogue these days… these shoes just prove the point for me… plus, it won’t fit into my mailbox!


  8. Those Dior shoes (modern chopines?) look like they are sliding off the front of their platform. I guess this goes with all the late 20th century architecture that is built to look like it’s falling over….Here’s one from my neighborhood:


  9. the issue of the President in his tan suit….the mind boggles…the golden rule here should be obvious…the tan poplin suit is worn for comfort…by both men and women in business…a dark color appears hot and is! It is – white linen in February (except the Tropics) is a little drafty!!!…this white thing was “imagined” from it’s conception…unfortunatly made “law” by in misguided and dowdy – IF this “Law’ ever appeared in print -it again was imagined…Winter WHITES have been around for at least one hundred and fifty years….correct information and a lack of history on most fronts these days seemsto be very popular! What has happened to common sense?


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