Vintage Miscellany – August 31, 2014

This photo is labeled “Mary & Tante Adafine Hartmann” so along with the wicker beach chair, I think this is probably German.  The beach chair was much more common in Europe than in the USA.  I’ve got to ask you European readers, do you ever see these for sale?

Mary’s white hat and shoes signal that this is probably late spring or summer, but it might serve as a reminder that with a little creative dressing, beach days can extend into the fall, especially here in the South.  September is especially nice, as it is still warm but all the kids are back in school and so the beaches are less crowded, and less noisy.

*  So, what’s the deal with Labor Day and wearing white?  Thanks to Brooke for the link.

*  And I guess I ought to just go ahead and get the issue of the President’s tan suit out of the way.  It used to be that we thought only the dress of women politicians was scrutinized.  No more; we are now a country of equal opportunity scrutinizers.

*  Levi’s made a custom denim tuxedo for Bing Crosby, and his niece is on a quest to find it.

*   Madison Avenue Fashion Heritage Week is a real thing, and will be October 20 through 26, 2014.  The windows of sixteen fashion houses will be turned over to the history of each one during the week.  I love this idea.

*   In “Sign of the Times,” Cathy Horyn discusses the trend toward wearability  in high fashion.  I really can’t see it as a totally bad trend.

*   “The Secret Life of Your Clothes” is an interesting video about how donated clothes end up in Africa and the effect they have on the African clothing industry.

*   Since many of the fast fashion chain designers are so obviously cultural nincompoops, they surely must start hiring history majors who will be able to explain why certain designs might not be a good idea.

*   The ALS ice challenge seems to have its course.  I  appreciate the millions of dollars it generated for research for this puzzling disease, a disease that claimed the life of one of my father’s brothers.  It’s great that something that went viral has actually has a good effect.

I didn’t do the ice challenge, but I did write a check, and another one for my local animal rescue group.  Then I sat with a glass full of ice and oj and cherry vodka.  That’s my kind of ice challenge.  I did really enjoy some of the ice bucket madness, but seeing Anna Wintour’s bob take a hit was the highlight for me.



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6 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – August 31, 2014

  1. Oh, goody! Another fantastic collection of things to read! Hope you’re not too hot & your plans don’t get rained on! xx


  2. Great post. I’ve not seen a beach chair like this yet after years of going to several furniture auctions a week. xx


  3. The Wintour bucket of ice made up for a less than boring hot summer! I LOVED IT! MS. Lizzie- i am tipping my Vodka to YOU as well!!!! Happy Labor Day!…Happy Ice Bucket – i gave as well for the Animal Rights and my local Shelters…the chair is / has been reproduced – and is really wonderful…


  4. I want a Strandkorb! (beach chair) Those are brilliant.

    The Zara shirt–almost unbelievable. And the company touting its “cultural diversity” in its company statement about it. . . ugh. Yes, you’re culturally diverse, yet a huge part of that diversity comes from poorly-paid and -treated workers (so you can make such a large profit). Among the “diverse” set of people making the decision about just what the company produces, not one person could see that this design was problematic? Guess that’s what happens when we make things *fast*.


  5. Christina

    The photo might be taken somewhere on the Baltic coast. I agree with Karen – “not one person could see that this (Zara shirt design) was problematic?” It opens up a whole load of questions.


  6. Interesting links as always! I hope the whole wearability isn’t really a “trend”, I hope it’s here to stay!


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