Ad Campaign – Camel Cigarettes, 1930

En Route

Unnumbered miles slip away from the Limited…sagebrush and sand and a painted desert…mountains stark above timberline. But through all the changing scene, this cigarette will be your best companion.  Fragrant, refreshing, dependable, it adds the flavor of enjoyment to your journey…And whether you travel three days or three hours, you know that you’re going some place, when you go with Camels.

Because of the reference to sagebrush and sand, I assume this ad is talking about the Sunset Limited, which runs between New Orleans and Los Angeles. About twenty years ago we got the idea to take a long train trip, and we settled on the Sunset, traveling from New Orleans to Tuscon, Arizona.  Most of the trip was through Texas, and I can tell you that is one big state with lots of sagebrush and sand.  It would take more than cigarettes to make all those miles slip away.

The ad makes train travel look so chic.  In 1995, the dress of most travelers was very casual, though I expect that today many are shuffling around in slippers and pajama pants.  And of course, the train is now smoke free.  At least some things are an improvement!


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8 responses to “Ad Campaign – Camel Cigarettes, 1930

  1. the ad is very chic…i don’t quite remember the smoke being fragrant,,,made me “car sick” as a child ! My Grand Dad smoking on a day trip…ugh! The best thing i remember about camel cigarettes is a Camel Cigarettes Tee shirt i had in the early 80’s!…it had a giant camel on the front and a /the pack image on the back…wore it with blue jeans/501 Levis and a tan…CRAZY about that Tee…-LOVE the Vintage ad…



    I love the illustration and have lots of OLD Life magazines depicting and advocating cigarettes in various forms. I order StriVectin and as my FREE GIFT I also receive multiple magazines I do not want nor have the time to read. Today however I sat and sifted through the pile and found much to my dismay an advertisement AGAIN for Camels. So glamourous even today???? I don’t get it….I remember the days of planes filled with smoke when I was a choking child. I would LOVE to ride that smokeless train, Thanks for sharing. I do love the illustration and the hats.


  3. Yes, I think I’d be tempted to smoke if I could look like that elegant woman. Those ad men knew what they were doing!


  4. Lizzie, I traveled the entire route of the Sunset Limited, way back in the late 70s.

    After departing from Union Station in L.A., I recall some sort of delay in that desolate region of Texas you mention, and the porter calling out, “no coffee, no water, no tea.”

    It was quite a mad venture! I found the moving scenery of New Mexico most memorable.

    What an interesting advertisement.


    • Well, as long as there was beer…
      I can remember all the kids on the train gathering in the club car to look for signs of life. Occasionally the joyous shout of “BIRD!” would go up, and they’d all look and point!

      By the time we got to NM the train was so delayed that it was dark.


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