Ad Campaign – Baker Shoes for Women, 1918


FOR MANY SEASONS, Baker Styles have played a dominant part in establishing footwear fashion.  Invariably becoming and in perfect taste, they are notable also for an initiative in style that wins the approval of women who dress smartly.

This ad may be for shoes, but all I can see is that fantastic cape.  I’ve never really been a lover of capes, but then I’ve never seen one with such a luxurious looking lining before.  In my imagination, that fabric is an incredibly soft printed cashmere.  Yes, I know it reads as silk, but I want cashmere.

One thing I learned from making that Chanel-ish jacket is that a top quality lining is so important in the way it makes the wearer feel.  One way that clothing manufacturers scrimp is on cheap fabrics for linings.  After having an exceptional silk lining, I’m sure I never want something called acetate next to my skin ever again.


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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Baker Shoes for Women, 1918

  1. Brought such a smile to my face! Gorgeous red cashmere (agreed!) and silk, with a neckline & buttons to die for. (Her suit should be cashmere, too, also lined in silk! ) The entire ensemble is just p-e-r-f-e-c-t, and it’s not even a favoured-by-moi era.
    Thank you for brightening this gloomy morning!

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  2. All I can see are those pockets!


  3. Fantastic silhouette! I am surprised you do not favour capes!? speaking of-i found (in Dc at my friends tutnover/designer shop a cashmere cape lined vin silk peau..with a large collar that fell at the shoulder-turned up it was/is a fabulous look-from the 50’s-the label-Dior made excluselely for Bonwit Teller!!!-it is floor length and an “Opera Cape-virtually weightless-perfect for over an evening formal-and very warm…my client/friend has worn it now for 17 has the slit armholes for comfort-it also was greatover a 70’s YSL “le Smoking” sequined jacket w/ satin drapery cord tasstles belt and satin pants(all vintage-perfect condition!- i love short cashmere capes over suits w skirts or pants-they are so practical for most everywhere in Fall and early Winter! THANK YOU FOR THIS AD !


  4. My favorite lining fabric is silk twill, which can be hard to find. It’s almost as soft as charmeuse and much easier to sew. But I’m joining Janet here–I love those big pockets.


  5. I’ve just now started reading the Lost Art of Dress, and came to the discussion of heels, and how a recent recommendation for comfort was a minimum of 3″ high. I understand the reasoning behind the look of heels, but still glad for my Haflinger’s!


  6. betty hale

    I quite like the lining myself, although the shoes don’t do anything for me. I was wondering if, with your knowledge of vintage clothing companies, you had ever heard of one called “A Doctor Original?” I bought a vintage sweater knit wool coat and the only label in it identifies it as a Doctor Original. If you, or any of your knowledgeable readers, have any information on this company I would be thrilled to read about it.



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