September in Review

I love September.  It’s warm enough that one can pretend that it is still summer.  But not October.  Today was blustery and quite chilly, and there is no doubt that summer is over.  Before long I’ll be excited about snow.

The wolf dressmaker’s form was up for silent auction at my local Habitat for Humanity.  I gave up at $265, as it was a bit too small for me to actually use.  Still, it was an incredible find.

Welcome to Frog Level.  This is an old warehouse area in Waynesville that has been made commercial.  There is a great coffeehouse and a new brewery, plus the best thrift store in town.

I love having lunch outside, and so many restaurants now offer outdoor seating during the warm days.  This is at my favorite local coffee shop, Panacea, in Waynesville.  Out back is the best seating in town, on the banks of Richland Creek.

Back in the day, lunch in Asheville might have been at the S&W Cafeteria.  Now the top floors have been converted into condos.  There’s at least one unit left:  1000 square feet for half a million dollars.  Not too many years ago the entire building could have been bought for a fraction of that.

This 1930s Vogue was a lucky flea market find.  These are getting harder and harder to find.

I got all dressed up in my favorite Marimekko dress just to go to lunch with my husband.  And I took the photo without straightening the room just so you would know I’m keeping it real.

I called this a crime against mannequins.  Can you just imagine the time (and glue sticks) it took to do this?  Why?

Here’s a photo of the lucky bins at the Liberty Antiques Festival, where I found the gym shirt and some other really great sports clothing.  There must have been twenty boxes and bins full of old textiles and clothes.

A great thing about fall is that it is apple season.  This is the exterior of the Barber’s Orchard Fruit Stand, built in 1932.  The apples are good, but we go for the cider doughnuts.

And as always I leave you with the beautiful Carolina sky.


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10 responses to “September in Review

  1. Christina

    I’m drooling over the cider doughnuts and coffee – and the yummy Vogue cover!


  2. What fun to see the S&W cafeteria. We had a summer home in Saluda, N.C. My mother would say that when the boys [my older brothers] were little, she would go to the S&W cafeteria and get a cup of coffee. Since their eyes were always bigger than their stormachs, she would have a full lunch-but never got dessert…


  3. I love that dress on you – and your comment about the room made me laugh! One of the many reasons I love your blog.


  4. Getting cold? Come to Southern California! We have triple digits again today.


  5. You make me want to go on the road!


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