Aunt Hannah’s Knit Stockings

I love surprises, especially when they concern a vintage item I’ve bought.  An example is this pair of vintage cotton hand knit stockings.  They came from the same estate as the gym shirt I wrote about last week. and they appear to have never been worn.

I was examining these, getting ready to research the style and such when I felt something crunch inside one of the stockings.  I gently put my hand in it and pulled out a scrap of paper.

“Aunt Hannah knit these.”  Usually when I buy a piece of vintage I have no information at all about who was the maker or the wearer.  And while the note gives only a name and relationship, it does at least somewhat humanize the stockings.  Someone cared enough about Aunt Hannah to document her work, though I’d have loved a last name and date to go along with it.

It is my guess that these were made in that short period of time, the 1910s, when skirts were slowly inching upward and women were wanting nicer stockings since they could be seen.  But since the pattern stops at mid-calf, the skirts that was to be worn with these could not have been more than five or six inches from the floor. The top of the stocking comes to just below the knee, and would have been held up with garters.

They look short, but the size of the foot indicates that they were not made for a child.  Perhaps they were made for a young woman or teen whose skirts were short, but not too short for the era.

Such skill!  Knitters always make it look so easy, but Aunt Hannah had to have had a very fine hand and very tiny needles.


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16 responses to “Aunt Hannah’s Knit Stockings

  1. Christine

    As a knitter, I’m very impressed. A Fine Find, indeed.

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  2. what a perfect find – too bad they did not stay in the family-they found the perfect home however,,, where they are appreciated!!!

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  3. Those are an amazing find! Beautifully made

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  4. What a find. Hurray for Aunt Hannah!


  5. Looks as if Aunt Hannah’s niece might have been a racy little minx who wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of hand-knit socks.

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  6. Carrie

    Very interesting post, Lizzie. My learning curve on dating stockings has just begun! What would the garters for these have looked like, do you suppose?


  7. The handwriting looks a bit like my mother’s. She was born in 1914,


  8. Martina

    Since they are knit in white cotton and the top of the foot and most of the leg are knit in a mesh pattern, these stockings were probably meant for wear in warm weather. I can see them worn with one of those all white Edwardian dresses.


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