Ad Campaign – Oscar de la Renta, 1972

Oscar de la Renta interprets the art of ikebana in georgette. Skirt-over-pants costume, $200

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard the news of the death of Oscar de la Renta on Monday.  From the time I was first aware of fashion designers in the early 1970s, Oscar has always been on the scene, so it is really hard imagining American fashion without him.

I’ve  said that if I had the money, I’d wear Oscar and nothing else.  A trip to his boutique in New York was always a treat.  It was the type of place where the clothes were always beautiful, but always very wearable by women of many ages.  He will be missed.


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9 responses to “Ad Campaign – Oscar de la Renta, 1972

  1. i was just starting my first job-Garfinckeks in Washington,DC-as Asst. to Fashion Director in72! and remember this dress! I put it in window-so nervous handling Couture!…later got to meet him at this Designer Trunk Show the PA included informal modeling the collection in store-Garfinckels wasconcidered THE fashion merchandising leader in the country for decades..Oscar was one of THE American Masters of the trade and a true gentleman to work with -very “Old World” in his personal manner-thank you for the ad , Fashion EditorWashington Dossier i- most always used him in my editorials…he had a dedicated following.

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  2. Thank you Liz for the mention today of Oscar de la Renta’s passing. I have not seen TV or news for the past 3 days. Also appreciated the comments by jacq Staubs above.

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  3. Amen! You know he was a force in the world when the Wall Street Journal features him in an editorial, as they did in yesterday’s paper.


  4. Christina

    Well said Lizzie.


  5. Sad to say, I know more about him now than I did during his lifetime.


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