Vintage Miscellany – October 26, 2014

After showing off those riding pants earlier in the week, I thought I ought to show how the garment looked on a woman in the 1930s.  Now that is a sharp look!

And now for the news…

*   One of the problems that US makers have found in their quest to be more sustainable is that very little organic cotton is grown in the country.  Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin and designer Billy Reid solved the problem by planting their own field.  And more about the project.

*   Yesterday I mentioned how many women first wore pants in their work during WWI.  Today, there is a new generation of women’s workwear that gives a nod to the past. Thanks to Megan T for the link.

*   Converse (owned by Nike) is suing to protect the design of the Chuck Taylor All Star.  Good luck to them, but I can’t see them winning.

*   In the Good News/Bad News department, the wonderful Worn Fashion Journal is calling it quits after ten years.  The good news is that I was interviewed about vintage gymsuits for the final issue.  You can pre-order the last issue and there are some remaining former issues for sale.

*   If you are to be in Madrid before January 18, 2015, be sure to take in the Givenchy retrospective at the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum.  There is a bit of an interview with him at The Guardian.

*   If you’ve been thinking that buying goods from a country like Italy means that they were made under safe and fair working conditions, think again.

*   Jen at Pintucks gives us a great look at the history of Jonathan Logan.

*  I know there are several former and present academics who read The Vintage Traveler, so this one is for you.  First the question was asked of why academics dress so badly.  Then a female academic responded with the problems female academics face in dressing for their profession.

*  The next clothing auction from Karen Augusta is coming up at noon, Wednesday November 12th, at the Landmark on the Park at 160 Central Park West at the corner of 76th Street.  It sounds like a great sale, and I’ll be watching to see how this early Pendleton coat goes, as I have its sister in red, and the Met has one in black.

*   Why older women should become the new selfie generation.  I’m trying.


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14 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – October 26, 2014

  1. Your misc. articles are always very interesting. Thanks. Marge Crunkleton

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  2. Great links, as always. That discussion of clothing on professors certainly rang a few bells with me! I owe my interest in clothes to a professor who was the worst-dressed woman on campus. She was living proof that no matter how brilliant you are academically, dressing tastelessly can undermine your students’ belief that you know what you’re doing. Until I met her, I expected that I would earn respect by using my brains and doing good work. Then I realized that even I didn’t respect her . . . that I needed to study how to dress.


  3. Mem

    SO interesting and thought provoking . I remember an academic who I knew who dressed in the most provocative way , she wore a lot of badly applied makeup and clothes which would have looked great on her granddaughter when going to a fairy party . It was a shame because she was a quite gifted person but seemed to have a block about how her appearance affected others judgement of her . I actually wonder now if she was somewhere on ” the spectrum ” . On the up side it was always fun to see what she would be wearing that day . I can’t help feeling though that she did herself great harm in this judgemental and imperfect not to mention sexist world .


  4. while working as a professional personal shopper for women and men, i discovered on initial contact(first interview) so many of these high powered execs had an image problem-after all of the hard-earned degrees and ladder climbing they had not yet established a self image-they were very uncomfoortable discussing how they saw themselves..thus had very little conception of how their staff envisioned them-some said that is why they required professional guidance- a daunting task to say the least-they were convinced the clothing was key in establishing it all! I made some great friends and found myself image consulting people who did not have a clue as to what their image should be! Fashion was is a powerful tool-to me it was second nature!-i loved my job!?


  5. Jacq Staubs

    thank you for the Pintucks post-what fantastic info-only DMM and GMM’s left of what was real Fashion Merchandising could recall this wonderful information!WOW! LOVE IT-the labels / designers and history are so great!


    • Jacq, I’m glad you liked that post on Jonathan Logan–it started off small and then just took on a life of its own. I am now waiting for those who know more to comment and add to the story. Thanks Lizzie for the mention, wow it’s a real ‘stamp of approval’ to be included in your line-up!


  6. I’ve got to check out all of those articles (except I’m afraid to look at the one about Italy…). As for middle-aged selfies, yes! Bring out your inner ham! I’m finding that the positive response to my blog and IG photos has done wonders for my 57-year-old self-esteem. However, my husband #staffphotographer is now more than over it lol!


  7. Thank you for the story on Chinese workers in Italy. What a tragedy! I had no idea that went on there. Greed is such a terrible dictator. I hope and pray the Italians are able to keep better watch on these illegal businesses and shut them down.


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