Ad Campaign – Dalton Cashmere, 1956

The Dalton Twins Dash from Desk to Date.

Wendy is Dalton’s captivating sweater of 100% pure imported cashmere… color matched with its own slim svelte skirt of Stroock’s pure cashmere or cashmere blends.

Dalton was founded in 1949 by Arthur Dery and Maurice Saltzman (who was also the owner of Bobbie Brooks), and was  headquartered in Cleveland and  Willoughby, Ohio.  Dalton was best known for their cashmere sweaters, but they also made woolen skirts that were dyed to match the sweaters.  I found the reference to Stroock interesting, as that company’s label is usually found in cashmere and fine wool coats.  For much of the twentieth century Sylvan Stroock’s company was the leading US maker of luxury wools.

And when was the last time you saw the words “captivating” or “svelte” in an advertisement?


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10 responses to “Ad Campaign – Dalton Cashmere, 1956

  1. Fantastic,,, Lizzie…great old name!,,,LOVE IT!!!


  2. I miss old-time cashmere. It didn’t pill!
    While “svelte” may be a stretch, I’m not throwing in the towel on “captivating”!


  3. There’s a lot to love here–the beautiful closure on the sweater and the welt pocket on the skirt. Captivating indeed.


  4. Shirley Gordon

    Would like to change email account for you blog. Did I do it right? to go to Thanks, Shirley


  5. Oh my! I love this ad and would love to see the pieces in real life! I especially love the arrow detailing on the pockets.


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