Metrolina Antiques and Collectibles Show, November 2014

On Halloween I treated myself to a visit to the big flea/show at the Charlotte Metrolina grounds.  This show is always worth a visit, and this time around there was plenty to look at – and to buy.  Above is part of the booth of my favorite seller at Metrolina.  She is always finding great things for me.  It pays to let people know what you are collecting.

Not all treasures are so well organized.  The owners of this booth had cleaned out an old store that was closed in 1965.  There was a lot of stuff, and it was cheap.  Unfortunately much of it was also stained, but that’s why I have collected magic cleaning formulas.

Most of the inventory was from the early to mid 1960s.  I found some really nice things including a harlequin patterned blouse and a matching shorts set from Glen of Michigan.

There was a great deal of underwear and stockings, much of it still in the original boxes.  I could have spent the entire day going through it all, and they did not even have it all out to display.

Another seller had piles and piles of feedsacks.

Sometimes I do get home and wonder why I did not buy a certain thing.  This drink tray fits into that category.  I did love it, but I have one tray already, and having two is getting dangerously close to a collection.

There were some terrific vintage graphic items for sale.  I loved the golfing woman on this poster for Country Club Beverages.

Dee-Light was delightful, as was their poster showing happy picnickers.

This Bruner Woolens box almost came home with me.  The price was reasonable, and the graphics were terrific with the golfing theme.  I already had a similar one from Detmer Woolens, as I gave it a pass.

This print was quite an interesting piece, mainly because of the date it was published.  Entitled Sea Bathing at Ostend (Belgium), it was printed in 1888.

I would have guessed much later, due to the skimpy swimsuit of the lady and due to her bare legs.  I’ve read that bathers in Europe were more likely to bathe bare-legged due to the prevalence of bathing machines (the little changing booth on wheels).

Here’s a basket full of display feet.  I already have some, otherwise…

Not related to the theme here, but these big plastic decorations seem to be coming on strong as a collectible.  I see a problem with storage, though.

Those looking for cowboy boots were in luck.  Many of them were in the original boxes.

And what is a good flea market without cute doggies?  This little one was showing off her new coat.

And this big sweetie was celebrating her fifth birthday by letting everyone pet her.

I’ll show off my finds in the coming weeks.



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16 responses to “Metrolina Antiques and Collectibles Show, November 2014

  1. Oh my! I’m not sure I can handle this post! So many wonderful things! Such a field day!

    And that dog is darling!

    Looking forward to your finds!


  2. Christine

    Great mix of interesting finds. I DO like armchair shopping with you.


  3. I was also shopping at Metrolina Antique & Collectable Show last Saturday. Did not see you, Liz…but I did see the table you pictured with the many sacks. They were priced too high, so I passed. I use sacks for my OOAK doll bodies.

    Saturday was cold and very windy and wet. A vender’s tent blew away and landed on my parked car. Yes, it did get damaged.

    I will have a booth at the December Metrolina Antique Showin Building “C” … with my “vintage” mannequin heads and dolls….stop by if you go back in December…first weekend.

    I always enjoy your photography! Thanks for sharing.


    • Marge, I was there on Friday, and I’m glad I was because of the weather taking such a nasty turn. I hope to make it in December, but at the present I’m not sure. I’ll be sure to find you if I’m there.

      I’ll keep my eyes open for sacks for you.


  4. Oh my! What a fabulous place. I could spend a whole week going through that lot!

    I really love the Country Club Beverages poster. Thanks for sharing your travels as always.


  5. How could anyone resist large plastic collectables?!


  6. Thanks for sharing, Liz! I always love your photos of your finds!


  7. Wow, it’s sort of like a big archive that hasn’t been cataloged. It must take skill and patience to find what you want.


  8. Yay–Glen of Michigan! I love the Country Club ad. . . and that cute little pup in his plaid coat.


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