White Stag Function-Alls for Women Workers

I recently got a message from Juliet at SixCatsFun Vintage saying that she had found a denim jacket with an interesting label.  It was “White Stag Function-Alls.”  At first I sort of shook my head in wonder, as White Stag made clothing primarily in canvas up to the middle 1960s.  But something seemed familiar.

I pulled out a WWII era White Stag catalog I have, and there it was – a full page of denim Function-Alls.  They were produced for women who were working in wartime jobs that required sturdy work clothing.

Overall Jacket to match style No. 7844 or No. 653.  Triple-stitched 8-oz. Sanforized denim.  Copper buttons. Complete with bandana Handkerchief.  Dark Blue denim only.

You can see the triple-stitching referred to in the copy.  And if you want to see the label a bit more clearly, it is printed in the catalog.

It’s a gloved hand pulling on a lever of some sort.

Due to the faded and frayed label, you can tell that this piece was used, probably by some 1940s Rosie the Riveter.  I think the documentation from the catalog makes the piece really special.  It’s hard to find WWII era women’s work clothing, though you know it must have been made by the millions.

The great condition of this piece is typical of the type of quality that White Stag turned out.  Even under wartime restrictions and shortages, they managed to produce a product that held up beautifully.  My catalog is not dated, but the references to the war and “the duration” make me think it is probably from 1943 or 1944.

Note the stag on the button.

Thanks to Juliet for sharing this great piece of history with me, and for letting me show it off here.  For anyone interested in this historic piece, she is selling it on ebay.


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12 responses to “White Stag Function-Alls for Women Workers

  1. Frustratingly, the auction for this jacket has a hidden reserve. I can tell you that you will have to bid more than $40, but I don’t know how much.


  2. Hi Lizzie, thanks so much!

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  3. Great looking stuff!…i think the gunmetal gray pants and shirt are really good looking -too bad they are not available now…i would think it would look wonderful and even on a variety of sizes!


  4. WOW! I had no idea White Stag did this either! What an incredible gem and piece of history! And what a label too! It’s super neat that you had the booklet to showcase the other items available and to show a better image of the fabulous label!


  5. What a cool piece–and an equally cool ad! I think that lever might be a wrench, with the “O” in “function” performing as the screw. (Don’t quote me on that, as I’m not at all what you’d call handy.) This post is a prime example of one of the many reasons your blog is so brilliant, Lizzie. Matching up that jacket with its ad–love it!


  6. Well, I think the real treasure is your catalog! How wonderful that you found it and preserved it.

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    • It is amazing how much information is contained on these pieces of paper that really should have been discarded years ago. I’m sure glad the “savers” of the world are out there keeping the catalogs and other bits safe for me!


  7. Ruth

    FYI the gloved hand is pulling a wrench on a nut (not the edible kind). And I love the jacket, had a similar style, called a barn coat, for many years. Very comfortable!


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