Month in Review – November, 2014

November got off to a very white start when we got an early snowfall.  It was pretty, but terribly inconvenient, as I was expecting a visitor from out-of-town.  She finally made it into Asheville after being stuck on the highway for over five hours.

After an ordeal like that, comfort food was in order.  My friend is British, and it was her very first hush puppies and collard greens.

We were both delighted with the Doctor  Who sock monkey windows at Purl’s Yarn Emporium.

I never get tired of showing off the Basilica of Saint Lawrence in Asheville.  It was designed by  Rafael Guastavino [shortly before he died in 1908], and features this spectacular tiled dome.

Later in the month I went to Charlotte to the Vintage Charlotte show.  There I finally met Andi and Isaac of Raleigh Vintage.

I found an item that had been on my want list for years.  This Skotch Kooler features tourist sites across the USA, all courtesy of Esso gasoline.

I had a little outing to Tennessee with two of my best friends.  On the way there we stopped at the Bush’s Bean Factory.  Seriously.They have a cafe and visitor’s center and a great little museum.  We decided to skip lunch and had pinto bean pecan pie instead.  It was really good.

After being overwhelmed by all the vintage sewing patterns, I decided to put some up for sale on Etsy.  I’ve listed almost fifty, and I have that many more to go, plus some very nice fabric.

My latest sewing project was based on the bodice of this 1960s dress.  I loved that neckline so much, but I did not need another dress.  It made a great knit top, which I’ll be showing off here in a few days.

I’m in the process of setting up a new sewing room.  The cutting table would not fit into my old space, so I decided I needed a room just for sewing.  The wall opposite the cutting table is getting new ceiling to floor shelves.

And finally, I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my brothers and their families.


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6 responses to “Month in Review – November, 2014

  1. Eeeek! Love the Dr Who sock monkey! 🙂


  2. Sheila

    Your post makes me want to visit Asheville. I was born in Hendersonville and have relatives in the area. Alas travel is just too difficult these days. But for hush puppies and turnip greens and bbq I might reconsider. These delights are absent from menus in Tucson where I now live. Thanks for a delightful blog.


  3. I can’t tell how high your cutting table is from the photo, but, if you are planning a sewing room . . . . I’d suggest putting a platform under your cutting table so that it is about as high as your kitchen counters (usually 34 1/2″) or just a couple of inches below your waist. I’ve worked in many costume shops which have 36″ tall cutting tables with a raised platform on one side for the shorter folks who work there; those of us over 5′ 7″ stand on the floor on the other side. I hardly sew at all now that I don’t have easy access to a costume shop, because I dread the backache from cutting on my kitchen table. What a wimp I’ve become!


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