Vintage Shopping with The Vintage Traveler

It’s time to go shopping for vintage treasures.  I hope you are not all shopping weary with just one more day before Christmas.  My first photo was taken inside the beautiful Grove Arcade in Asheville.  Built in the late 1920s as a shopping arcade, today the building still serves that purpose.  The only vintage here is the building though.

Recent shopping trips have turned up lots of vintage Christmas decorations.  I used to collect old ornaments back before they were “discovered.”  Today I rarely buy any as I have enough for a great tree, and the prices are usually high.

I should have had this when I was seven or eight.

I’ve come to the conclusion that every woman in the 1950s and early 60s had at least one decorated sweater.  The quantity and variety of what is available on the market today shows what a huge trend this garment represents.  This cardigan was top quality.  See the Pringle of Scotland label?

This is a good example of Chimayo weaving, something I don’t see of lot of around here.  This vest was reasonably priced at $40.

For some time I’ve been looking for a pair of reasonably priced Indian clubs.  I don’t for the most part buy sports equipment, but there are so many photos of Victorian girls in the gym swinging these clubs that I really want to get a pair.  These were too expensive, as they always are.  I wish I could order a pair from my 1935 Lowe & Campbell catalog where they are $1.05 a pair.

This was an amazing little game.  At a glance it looks like a regular croquet set, but the mallets are about a foot long, and it was designed to be played indoors on a table.  The original box makes it really special.

Niagara Falls became a honeymoon destination starting with Aaron Burr’s daughter Theodosia in 1801.  One hundred years later this couple had their honeymoon commemorated with a portrait of them and the falls.

I need this super Vera design in a scarf, which does exist.  These were linen napkins.

Buyer’s rant:  Why would a seller package his merchandise in a way that makes it impossible for potential buyer to examine it?  I know that a lot of paper items must take a beating in antique malls, but if I’m going to buy a magazine or catalog, I have to see the contents.

I’ve been on a buying diet when it comes to cute stuff to just set around the house, but this little literate Scottie just about broke my resolve.

Nothing like a trip to the Lo Price Liquor Store when heading out for a day of log riding.

I’ve probably shown one of these Car-Snac set before, but they are so perfectly early 60s that I can’t help but love these.  The metal hooks hung over the back of the car’s front seat.  How convenient!

I do love a great pair of boots, especially when the label is so perfect.


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11 responses to “Vintage Shopping with The Vintage Traveler

  1. I also love the car snack set….I had never seen one before….Thanks for sharing.


  2. I forgot to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS !


  3. I love old arcades like that!

    And those are super neat Vera napkins! Perfect for the fish chef in your life!


  4. Ultrawoman

    Grandma had a sweater like the one with the flowers.
    Happy Holidays!


  5. My favorite is the Niagara Falls picture! You have the best eye, Lizzie.


  6. Lovely Pringle sweater, and those Vera napkins are great. Of course, I also love the Scottie dog bookend–would have been hard for me to leave that! And the boots! Fantastic.

    That arcade looks like a lovely place to shop (champagne bar!)–much better than the impromptu shopping experience I had the day before yesterday. I really hate a certain type of shopping (very busy chain stores), but I feel like I could happily live inside a nice antiques mall.


  7. Diann

    Pringle… Love!!!


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