Month in Review, December 2014

In looking back at December’s photos, I’m really amazed at how many of them are concerned with Christmas.  All that color and sparkle are impossible to ignore, I suppose.

I took the top photo while window shopping in downtown Asheville.  It wasn’t until later that I noticed the reflection of my husband.

This is the top of a vintage sewing box I found a few years ago.  It’s covered in a Grandma Moses print barkcloth.

I made the short version of this skirt pattern from the fabric shown.  I had to lighten the photo to show the plaid, and the fabric is much nicer in person.  I’ll show off the project next week.

We are celebrating at Wicket Weed Brewery in Asheville.

And speaking of weed, I dumped the contents of a thrift store pattern out onto my table and this rolled out of the bottom of the envelope.  Who knew that those envelopes were a good hiding place for one’s joints? (Said joint has been properly disposed of, and I do not mean that it was smoked.)

This is the edge of a pretty 1920s table runner that is in my possession.

This label was found in a pair of 1920s women’s hiking boots.  I’m glad I already have a similar pair, because otherwise I’d have paid a lot of money just to own this label.

I was honored with a mention in the last edition of Worn magazine.

A small taste of our Christmas tree reveals flying angels and Scotties.

And finally, here is a young man who knows how to really celebrate.  He was in the local supermarket on Christmas Eve with his friends, who oddly enough were not dressed in their boxers on the outside of their pants.  After I asked to take his photo, his friends teased that he was going to end up all over the internet, and he replied, “Where I belong!”  I love a good attitude and playful spirit.


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9 responses to “Month in Review, December 2014

  1. I enjoyed your post, as always! I’m home with the flu, so it cheered me up!


  2. happy new year lizzie!


  3. Scottie ornaments! Now I know that you’re a woman who has everything.


  4. A whole new meaning for ‘high hemlines’…

    Liked by 1 person

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