1950s Golf Course Novelty Contour Belt

Ever so often I get something on my mind and off I go in search of it.  Lately I’ve been sharing (showing off) my collection of novelty print skirts on Instagram, and I started thinking about belts to go along with them.  Belts can be difficult to find, partly because they are not always easy to place a date on and search terms are often vague.

There is one type of belt from the 1950s that is generally easy to identify.  Designed to wear over the full gathered skirts of the era, these 1950s belts are often quite wide and are contoured to fit the waist.  My favorites are themed and are decorated with symbols of the theme.  I recently located the golf course themed one I’m sharing (showing off) today.  It was an etsy find, from seller South Side Market.

Though golf themed, this was a fashion item rather than a belt for active sports.  It was designed to fit tightly around the waist and would have been too constricting for actual play.

These belts were made in lots of themes.  Years ago I found one that has an airline theme.  South Side Market had a really super one that was magazine themed, but unfortunately for me it had already sold.  And probably the best one I know of is for sell at Poppy’s Vintage Clothing.  It has the names of French designers with dress forms.

These must have been a popular item at Saks Fifth Avenue, because I’ve seen quite a few of this type belt stamped with the store’s logo.  Two makers were Criterion and Calderon.

This selection of wide belts was pictured in the spring-summer 1956 Montgomery Ward catalog.  Though not decorated, these belts would have looked great with a simple blouse and a gathered skirt made from a fun printed cotton fabric.


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7 responses to “1950s Golf Course Novelty Contour Belt

  1. i love them Lizzie-i recently found 3 – going thru my mothers things – and 1 – i did not remember that was a gift…the first is a scarlet satin from Julius Garfinckel in DC – second a brown suede(Empire style) from Scassi – and the third a brown ostrich and camel linen/cotton webb -from an old friend given to me as a gift from Viola Veight (daughter of Conrad Veight(Casablanca) actor../all are wide with buckles/straps,etc.- i was so happy to see this collection you posted-i always assumed they were from the early-mid 50’s-the Conrad Veight belt must be /have been custom made as it has a Hermes label…thank you for the posting


  2. Who knew? I wore wide belts in the early sixties, but I had no idea that you could get them with a theme attached!


  3. vastlycurious.com

    Boy do I wish that would fit around my waist. I would like to follow you on Instagram. I am there more often of late. How do I find you?


  4. What is it with golf and novelty? I feel like it’s the only sport that sees novelty accessories and clothing. I’ve seen purses and sweaters, and now this amazing belt! What a nice find!


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