Ladies Home Journal, March, 1945

I’ve been wanting a good snow, but since nature has not provided me with one, I’ve had to rely on the snows of Instagram friends and those of vintage illustrations.  This one from 1945 is a favorite.  I love the icy blue of the matching mother-daughter outfits along with the touches of red in the gloves and tassels (and cheeks and lettering).  Even their wind-blown blond hair matches.



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3 responses to “Ladies Home Journal, March, 1945

  1. I think you are wise, Lizzie … to take your love for snow in the form of a magazine cover. Sure is a lot less messy in print.

    However, I will admit snow makes everything look beautiful from inside a nice warm house…looking at it through a window. Just kidding, I am originally a snow bird from Wisconsin and loved making snow men.

    Maybe Asheville will get some soon or in February.


  2. Gail Lund

    This lovely cover struck me, especially because I was born in January, 1945. Then I noticed that the issue has a serialized novel by Elizabeth Gouge, one of my favorite authors. Thank you for sharing this.


  3. Gorgeous illustration! Cold and breezy (love those flying red tassels!) but hey, there’s the promise of spring nosing bravely through the snow. A lovely intimate moment perfectly captured. Thanks for posting 🙂


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