Sewing Project – Simplicity 1464

Regular readers know that most of my sewing projects involve either a vintage pattern or vintage fabric, or both.  This skirt is a rare project in which I used new fabric and a current pattern.  I don’t, for the most part, look at new patterns, but if I happen to be near one of the big fabric store chains and they are advertising patterns for $1 each, that is pretty hard to resist.

That’s how I ended up with this pattern.  I bought it because I liked the loose pleats, and let me honest, because it was $1.  The fabric came a little later, a purchase I made while traveling home from Charlotte.  I love that Mary Jo’s is right off I-85.

So I finally got around to a bit of sewing, and this pattern was at the top of my list.  Because of the plaid, I had to do a bit of matching.  This was an easy plaid to match because the variegated color yarn allowed me to match only the colored yarn without any stressing about pattern.  I also decided to do the waistband yoke cut on the bias just so I’d not have to worry about how the yarns would match.

Matching side seams make me happy.

I was really happy with how the pleats worked out.  The blocks were just the right size for the pleats.

I also decided to line the skirt, mainly because the fabric, though wool, is a bit thin.  I was also concerned with itching.

I used an off-white embossed China silk to line the skirt.  For the lining I eliminated the pleats, as I did not want that extra bulk.  The silk is vintage, a long-time resident of my lining fabric bin.

I finished the skirt last week, and already I’ve worn it several times.  Can you tell how cute it is in this really bad mirror photo?


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14 responses to “Sewing Project – Simplicity 1464

  1. Yes Lizzie, the two of you look quite cute (the skirt AND you.)…smile.

    I appreciate your sending pictures of yourself in the things you sew. You must have cut your own pattern for the skirt lining… I am guessing.

    I was at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store this past Saturday… She has an amazing display of fabrics….just amazing. Mary Jo is my good friend (in a nursing home now) and is a workaholic…when I first visited her many years ago….she brought out patterns to help her file.


    • For the lining I just folded the pattern pieces on the pleat lines and cut it without the extra fabric for the pleats. I left the hem full.

      It’s so great the you know Mary Jo. I can remember seeing her around the store years ago. I’m sorry to hear she’s in a nursing home.


  2. Looks pretty, and I like the bias waistline. Looks like something we’d wear to school in the 60s.


  3. Looks great – many more happy wearings!


  4. Really cute, Lizzie! It definitely has a vintage vibe to it. It would have been hard to turn down a $1.00 pattern – but don’t you think vintage patterns are more enjoyable to sew with?


  5. Cute skirt! You did a great job on matching the stripes and lining up the pleats with the stripe.


  6. Very cute! And you made me long for Mary Jo’s, which I visited many times hen my in-laws lived in Charlotte. It’s an amazing store.


  7. Oh no, falling prey to the temptation of $1 patterns! 😉 I’ve definitely been in that position! I’m so impressed by how neatly your pattern lines up. The skirt looks great on you!


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