Ad Campaign – Jantzen All-Sports Jackets, 1947

a’hunting you can go… and fishing you can go and that’s not all!  These new Jantzen jackets are as versatile as all outdoors.  They’re for golfing. holidaying, going to college or relaxing, for everything that’s fun to do…

You really can’t ask more of a jacket than that.

Today it is always news when a fashion company moves into a new line, say when a maker of menswear develops a line for women.  If you look back over the history of clothing companies you can see that this is how the industry has operated over the years.  Expansion often meant veering from the product for which the company was known.  In this case Jantzen, which was a long-time maker of swimsuits, was dipping their toes in the sportswear waters.  They had developed a line called “Sun Clothes” which was mainly tee shirts and shorts, but they were also expanding into winter sports.

I have no idea how successful this idea was, but with the exception of 1940s figural sweaters, I don’t see a lot of winter time Jantzen that is older than the 1960s.


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7 responses to “Ad Campaign – Jantzen All-Sports Jackets, 1947

  1. FANtastic!!!!!!!…Joseph Aboud brought them back in the late 80’s…i bought 2 of the mens styled shown….LOVE wearing them…love Them for men and women look especially great in them (I think)…thank YOU LIZZIE as always!


  2. is in rough Irish linen…still wearing them…


  3. I love how Jantzen state the versatility of jackets by adding . . . “for everything that’s fun to do…” – just in case they missed something! Great advertisement and information Lizzie. 🙂


  4. These look nifty! I can’t recall ever seeing one of these in person. I’ve had some Jantzen women’s sweaters and skirt that I thought were 1950s, but they could have been 1960s. We’ve seen quite a few men’s Jantzen sweaters, but they’re always newer.

    I love the way they show the samples of the other fabrics on the silhouettes, although it kind of makes me want one of the Ramblers with the tartan blown up to that size!


  5. It’s interesting how they linked these new products to the bigger idea of their brand–clothes for sports. They make the expansion into a new product line look natural. And I also love the little samples of different fabrics. Paper dolls!


  6. Carrie

    So interesting… One of my favorite (personal collection) dresses is a late 40s shirtwaist in green cord that looks exactly like a “Play Maid” with a full skirt below the waist.

    Got a new Holy Grail to keep an eye out for now… 🙂


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