Ad Campaign – Tussy, 1960

Your Guardian Angel or Tussy Deodorant

It’s wonderful the way Tussy Cream Deodorant protects you and your skin.

Tussy’s gentle cosmetic base doesn’t irritate normal skin, while the specially balanced formula checks perspiration, stops odor… without danger to fabrics, too.

Guard your charms with Tussy Cream Deodorant every day.  It never lets you down!

I’ve got to find one of those guardian angels.  It looks much easier than having to apply deodorant myself.  I wonder if it will do make-up and nails as well.

It is interesting that the ad mentions that Tussy Cream will not damage fabrics.  Even today it’s hard to find a good product that does not leave a residue on fabrics.



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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Tussy, 1960

  1. I remember having some of this but I also remember that it did not work as well as Arrid or Secret (which was a light blue cream) or maybe I was just not nice to my guardian angel!!!!!


  2. I agree…this is a very cute advertisment. Nice touch of humor you added. ha ha.

    I do remember Tussy from many years ago.


  3. the BIG WOW!…what a memory rush!!!! I remember seeing this ad and the product in my GGreat Aunts’ “Medicine Cabinet” wondering…what is this stuff/i was very young(5-6)..they had other products…no/yes? makeup..powder…nail polish? THANK YOU for the memories Lizzie on this cold Winter night!!!O


  4. Someone had to think up that little angel in a striped towel. It must have been fun.


  5. Vintage ladies advertising is wonderful and this one is no exception.
    The little fairy angel is adorable


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