Vintage Miscellany – February 1, 2015

Miami, February, 1942.  That’s Betty and Sy, Sophia and Harry.

It’s rainy and bleak here, and so I’m jealous of Betty and Sy, Sophia and Harry.  But most of all I want Betty’s shoes.

And now for the news…

*   The emotional appeal of clothes that were made to last, featuring a local company, Appalach.

*   Skinny models have been around for longer than you night think.

*   Three young Norwegian fashion bloggers were part of a reality program that had them working in a Cambodian clothing factory.  There are links to the entire series of five short episodes.

*   Converse has successfully sued Ralph Lauren for trademark infringement.  The case concerns the Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker, which has distinctive design elements and which has been in production for 98 years.

*   Here’s proof that it is possible to have out-sourced manufacturing that is ethical.

*   Rick Owens’s latest show for men had a serious case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Caution, not safe for all viewers

*   More and more museums are putting their collections on-line.

*   I thought having one pair of vintage skates was a big deal, but this guy has over 350 pairs. thanks to Christina for the link

*   I publicly announced last week that I like selfies, but that was before I knew they are a sin.

*   If you are a Downton Abbey watcher, then I’m sure you noticed that fashion show Lady Mary and Aunt Rosamund attended.   I’m a bit excited because the Biltmore Estate in Asheville will have Downton costumes on display starting this week.



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16 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – February 1, 2015

  1. The Downton Exhibit which closed at Winterthur Museum in early January was wonderful in every way. As stated in the advance publicity of the Biltmore exhibit, Winterthur also showed the contrasts and similarities between the English country estate and the American country estate of the same time period. Totally fascinating. You will want to see it more than once, I suspect.


  2. I thought I was seeing things when I viewed Rick Owen’s “fashion” forecast for “men”.
    I once dreaded tattoos coming into fashion or vogue….but I welcome tattoos by far over “diddlers”.
    I don’t know if I should thank you for sharing, Lizzie….ha ha ha…. although it was funny.

    Lizzie forewarned us…but that made me look.


  3. Varva…this is something that I follow….and it is called The Vintage Traveler….all about fashion and vintage stuff. BUT THIS TIME…I THINK THEY WENT OVERBOARD.


    It is an article about RICK OWENS men’s fashion show in PARIS just recently. It is shocking. Dont look if you are squirmish.

    It is awful….however, if you have seen one, you have seen them all. ha ha ha. Lots of love, marge


  4. I’m making myself a pair of those shoes and going to Miami immediately. And having been warned, I’m not clicking on that Rick Owens post! No, I’m not!


  5. What a fun moment captured for eternity and yes do those shoes come in wide?


  6. Of course I saw the Rick Owens runway. Completely absurd. Detracted from the lines of the garment for the sake of sensationalism !


  7. Let me join in the chorus.of those who love those shoes! I have never seen the likes of them before.


  8. I believe that the article on skinny models features a full length photo of Lady Edith in a corset c. 1925. What a news flash to find out that she will leave home for a career in fashion!


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