Month in Review – January 2015

I jokingly called this photo Clyde Beach.  What you can’t see is that the “beach” is pretty much what you see, about ten or twelve feet of rocky ground leading into the Pigeon River.  It looks like a nice place to wade in the summer, but there is a paper mill upstream, so wading is ill-advised.

Merely to invoke envy, I occasionally show off details of my 1950s gathered skirt collection.  I bought most of them ten or so years ago before they were appreciated for the treasures they are and before the prices went through the roof.  Because I also love art-inspired textiles, this Van Gogh print is one of my favorites.

I’ve been helping out with a relatively new rescue group, Duke’s Animal Haven.  This photo was taken at an adoption event, after a day-long play session.  Both puppies now have new homes.

This is Sunny.  She was left homeless after her owners both ended up in nursing care.  Duke’s took her in, and despite the fact that she is nine years old, she has found a wonderful new home.  I took this photo as she was playing in my backyard.  The rescue needed a good photo of her, a task that proved too much for me.  Or did it?

I haven’t started a new sewing project this month, except to reline this Marimekko jacket.  I loved the jacket, but I hated the slippery acetate lining.  Now the lining is a thrifted Chinese silk.

I’ve been asked about what I have against “up-cycling.”  This photo, taken at the Goodwill Clearance center, tells the tale.  One bin was full of someone’s up-cycling failures.

The accidental collection.  What can I say, except that I love plaid.

All the gloomy days has had me sympathizing with this lovely antique print.

People on Instagram think they invented this idea, but actually Norman Rockwell came up with it in the 1940s.

And finally, I am starting to wrap up my etsy sale and so I’m starting to reduce prices.  Need a tie?  I have quite a few patterns left, and none are over $10.


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5 responses to “Month in Review – January 2015

  1. Liz…you have a nice variety of interesting this time. Love the picture of the dogs and sad little girl…….and nice assortment of old ties…..but the picture of the cardigan sweater with the pieces cut out has me puzzled??? Do you know what was going on there?


  2. Christina

    Up-cycling failures – very funny.


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