Sophie in Miami, 1938 – 1942

I look at a lot of vintage photos.  I love nothing more than finding a big box of them at a flea market so I can stand and shuffle through them.  I even look for them online.  Whenever I have a spare thirty minutes or so I’ll often go to Etsy and do some searches for sportswear-wearing vintage women.

That’s how I found the photos I’m showing today.  I usually do not look for lots of more than one photo, but I found a group which contained the same people on the beach in Miami between 1938 and 1942.  It was too interesting to pass up.

The set of photos were taken with several different cameras, but some of the same people kept appearing over and over.  The most common factor in the group is a woman named Sophie.  I’ve come up with the idea that these were her photos, and that she and her group of friends traded them for other photos taken on their days at the beach.  That would explain the different types of photos, plus the fact that there are different handwritings on the various photos.

The oldest photo I have of Sophie is the one above, taken in 1938.  The young man is not identified.

This is Sophie and Harry Lack.

Sophie and Harry again, with a better look at her bathing suit.

A month later, Sophie is wearing the same bathing suit, but she has a new guy to pose with, Lou Shapiro.

And then another month later, Sophie is sporting a new bathing suit, and another new guy, Herb Klein.

The photos end in April, 1942.  Here Sophie has yet another new beau, Irving Saltz.  It would be interesting to know what happened to Sophie.  Did she end up with Harry or Lou or Herb or Irving? Maybe the great and wonderful internet will solve the mystery for us.



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29 responses to “Sophie in Miami, 1938 – 1942

  1. I hope it is Irving, he has my vote….he’s the one that did the cheek to cheek shot. Besides, who could resist a young man in uniform?

    Thanks for the funny Blog this time, Lizzie…I enjoyed reading it. Marge

    P.S. It would be a small miracle if some one recognizes Sophie


  2. And think what was happening in the world during the span of these photos!


  3. Diana coleman

    Oh Gosh! Things that go around do come around. I have a black Calvin Klein bathing suit that looks just like Sophie’s…..and I am about to take it on a cruise. Of course, I am 87 and probab shouldn’t even WEAR a bathing suit!

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  4. joulesstar

    I was drawn to her photo with Lou Shapiro, so for the he k of it, I searched “Sophie Shapiro” and found a rather amazing artist’s site.
    Off the fashion topic, but so cool, I have to share:

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  5. Gail Lund

    According to Ancestry.Com, Sophie Saltz lived in San Francisco in 1940. Probably not the same woman.


  6. I vote for Irving too. Not least because he’s got the same waist size as Sophie. Amazing!!


  7. Wow! Fabulous swimsuits!


  8. Great point of conjecture. Hope you solve the mystery. She was certainly a man-magnet!


  9. I was wondering is Sophie was working at or lived near an army camp. It would explain her meeting so many men. There was one at Miami Beach.


  10. Sophie’s a girl after my own heart. Don’t you think it’s Irving, who was shipping out?
    In the 50s, my husband spent vacations in Miami at the Fontainebleau with his divorcee mother and “Uncle Ray” (the German Ford exec she was living with). Wish I had pics of that!


  11. I love finding collections of photos–but none of mine have been as fascinating as this. Sophie was a popular girl–and this might have been only a small sampling of her admirers!


  12. Christine

    I like Sophie’s striped blouse and skirt with the matching striped trim (if that’s what it is, Lizzie?)


  13. A fabulous find. I reckon some of those men’s bathers would be banned on beaches today!! And I always thought people were more prim and proper in the 30s, (not so much close body contact) but I guess the beach lifestyle was more relaxed. How old do you think Sophie is? (was then).


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  15. Lizocska

    Scroll down for pictures from 1930 and 1927 respectively (the latter is with the winners of a local beauty contest) taken in Hungary, Europe.
    I guess you will find the next article’s pictures interesting, too:
    Picture 9: famous Hungarian actresses.
    Originally I wanted to search for the so-called fecske, a men’s bather popular in Hungary (and some parts of Europe) well into the 1980s, even today in a nicer design … (quite distrubing, see on picture 12)

    Anyway, in Europe people are (or at least have been) less self-conscious when it comes to wearing shorter bathers, no one really takes notice.


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