Trip Time

It evidently is not cold enough here in North Carolina, because I’ll be traveling north with friends for the next week.  I’ll be in New York City just in time for New York Fashion Week, which I’ll be ignoring, and the Westminster Dog Show, which I may have to trick my friends into attending.  Otherwise it will be nonstop museum hopping and fabric shopping, with a bit of sight-seeing and warm bars and restaurants thrown in for fun.

There will be scheduled posts here while I’m gone, and I’ll try to check in to reply to comments.  I’ll be posting on Instagram as well, so check in for a preview of all the things I’ll find to write about here on The Vintage Traveler.


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22 responses to “Trip Time

  1. make sure to stop by the Museum at FIT! They just opened the Yves Saint Laurent+Halston show


  2. Well, I never say OMG but OMG, what a wonderful trip! Stay warm, lubricated and go for it! For me, Irish coffees are the perfect fuel for this sort of adventure.


  3. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


  4. FANTASTIC!!!! LOVE IT…the fact you are ignoring Fashion Week…it will be literally below freezing…the shops are much more fun…lucky you -have a safe a nd WONDERFUL time!!!


    • I might be tempted to run over to Lincoln Center (where most of the shows are held) just so I can marvel at the stupid way the fashionistas dress for extreme weather. I was watching a show online yesterday and many of them had on stiletto sandals!

      I find the shops more interesting as well. I really don’t like being shown stuff that won’t be in the stores for almost a year. I’m an immediate gratification type.


  5. Sounds fabulous have fun!


  6. Oh Lizzie – glad you’re headed north, bring plenty of toasty clothes – it’s mighty chilly up here.


  7. Enjoy the trip. Lizzie & hope you get to the dog show with some friends!


  8. Looking forward to your New York trip comments….Safe travels to you !
    By the way….cute picture of the portly woman bundled up in wool coat, hat and gloves on the “boarding steps” of the (my guess a D-C3) Inland Airlines Plane…she must be headed north too, from the looks of her clothes.
    Have fun, Lizzie


  9. Jo

    I’ve heard that the weather in NYC isn’t as cold and snowy as it is here in Boston. I hope it doesn’t interfere with your museum-hopping. Have a great time!


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