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I’d like to report some good news from New York. After years of little besides sleeveless styles, this spring there is an abundance of short sleeves. It’s almost too much to believe that designers might actually be listening to older consumers. I first noticed all the sleeves on the designer floors of Saks,  but I’m betting there will be a trickle – down effect.


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  1. May it come to pass!

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  2. seweverythingblog

    Modest sleeve is the new black

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  3. Hooray! Love that dress you have pictured…

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  4. I think the sleeveless trend is driven by pattern making and cost saving motivations, since a sleeveless dress fits more sizes and people than one with a sleeve where the arm, shoulder and back will have to be considered (more technical complications). Then there’s the not-small savings on fabric that can be passed on to the consumer. And, obviously it’s season-less without a sleeve (part of why we have had a run on cardigan sweaters) which help to make the sleeveless style more marketable in the long run.


  5. I need to add that I appreciate the fact that Saks allows in-store photography.


  6. Big fan of the sleeve. All hail the sleeve.


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