New York City Window Shopping

I didn’t do a lot of shopping while in New York City, but I did do quite a bit of window shopping.  It’s a real pleasure just seeing what the talented window designers come up with.  Though some are pretty predictable, I always see something new.

I was in the city the week of Chinese New Year, and it was obvious just from the windows.  The decorated tree above was not in a window, but was in Macy’s as you entered the store.

Saks Fifth Avenue took a similar approach.  All the gold cats’ little arms wave at you as you pass by.

The best Chinese windows through are in Chinatown.  Compare the Chinese shop above to the “Chinese” window at Saks.  Saks may have drama, but this little shop had authenticity on its side.

I love Chinatown, and it was especially interesting with flower vendors and deliveries all over the streets.

But my favorite Chinese New Year windows were those at Gucci, whose dressers kept to a Chinese theme, but went in a completely different direction.  At first glance I didn’t see the Chinese theme, but a closer look at the disks revealed it.

The disks were samples or facsimiles of Asian textiles.  Stunning!

At the Derek Lam Boutique, they were looking forward to spring.  The shop attendant told me that an artist friend of Derek’s made the birds and trees.

Probably the most interesting windows were the Fifth Avenue windows of Bergdorf Goodman.  All the dresses were made of lace, and they came up with an interesting lace background.

Can you tell what makes up the backdrop?

It is vintage crocheted doilies and pieces sewn together!



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14 responses to “New York City Window Shopping

  1. Diana coleman

    What a treat to see these stunning windows. Thank you! Thank you!


  2. Couldn’t sleep, it is the middle of the night here…woke up and fortunately you had a new blog on my computer mail…so I took a vicarious walk with you, looking at NY window dressings. Could not choose a favorite… but loved the Bergdorf lace window much… maybe now I can go back to sleep…. after my window shopping break. Thanks, Liz….great pictures…..Good Night.

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  3. Ultrawoman

    I liked the dresses made of lace best!!!


  4. How wonderful! Everything is so lovely, but that Emilio Pucci fringed poncho is so dreamy. I’m going to go to bed and buy it in my dreams.


  5. You have the best eye! And did you ask what they were going to do with those textile disks after the window came down?


    • I’ve asked myself that question about the disks. It’s not like they will be using them again, at least not in the same form.

      Bergdorf’s does recycle props, and has a big warehouse in which they are stored. But then their windows are so eclectic that you’d not really notice the same brass horn, as an example, used in two very different windows.


  6. poppysvintageclothing

    Thanks for letting us “see” what you “saw”, Lizzie! Some really great displays here, it’s fascinating to see what these window dressers comes up with!


  7. Susan Maresco

    Lizzie, thank you! What a wonderful array you captured and shared. Cannot recall having been in NYC for Chinese New Year since I was a teenager, so this is my first grand look at it all, the all of Now!


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