Vintage Miscellany – March 15, 2015

It’s a beautiful and warm day here in the South.  It’s enough to make you go outdoors in search of a little athletic activity.  The 1920s tennis  girl on the left looks to be wearing a divided skirt, perhaps her gym uniform?

And now for the news:

*  Women’s Wear Daily is a daily no more.  The newspaper announced last week that they were going to a weekly format.  Interesting that this came so soon after the death of long-time WWD editor-in-chief and publisher John Fairchild.

*   John Fairchild retired to Switzerland in 1997, but he left a lasting legacy on the paper founded by his grandfather.  He was known as much for his feuds with designers as for the quality of the paper. His two books on the fashion industry, The Fashionable Savages and Chic Savages, are fashion history must-reads.

*  There was another death in the fashion world, that of French model Bettina.  Muse to Jacques Fath, and later to Givenchy, Bettina was a super-model before there were super-models.

*   It looks like Zac Posen will be the designer at the revived Charles James label.  Some critics are unhappy with the choice, but I’m having a hard time caring either way.

*   For those of you with really deep pockets, the couture collection of vintage dealer Didier Ludot will be sold at auction on July 8.

*   The season of Downton Abbey has ended for us here is the US, but I’ve found the best ever essay series on The Toast: Watching Downton Abbey with an Historian.

*   NPR reporter Jacki Lyden has been doing a series called The Seams, which is a look at fashion from a cultural and historical standpoint.

*   And the latest shoe craze is the LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe.

*  Some American companies are coming around to the benefits of American manufacturing.

*  My friend Carrie has been doing a series on vintage swatch books on her blog, The Cabinet.


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6 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – March 15, 2015

  1. I always it when you share your wonderful old photos. Thanks.

    As far as the Bean Boots go? I can not imagine having to wear them way back in the late 40’s. At that time we were refusing to wear rubber galoshes….could THEY possibly be the next goofy fashion??? Ha.


  2. TANK YOU for the info on Bettina…i loved the models “transformations (hair/makeup) on arrival for a photo shoot they arrived in usually big battle jackets or top coats (winter) with their back packs boots a head scarf…loved it -and upon leaving -makeup removed-hair brushed out…when we would go ot in PM…never in “expected” Designer stuff,,,they were always BEAUTIFUL- and -“neck snappers”…the room would go semi quiet even in their own look..just great!


  3. LB

    Back in the day, my bartenders always wore the LL Bean “duck” shoes – protected their feet from all the beer and daiquiri mix on the floor. Enjoyed the article about the benefits of manufacturing in the US. Hopefully it is a trend that continues.

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