Vintage Sewing – Scottie Tee Shirt

I ran across this cute 1970s knit back in the early days of Etsy when everything there was a tremendous bargain.  I think I paid about $5 for a piece that was large enough for a tee shirt, but I was amused when I received the fabric and the seller had neglected to remove the Salvation Army tag showing she had paid 99 cents for it.

This type knit was popular in the 1970s, and I can clearly remember using a piece to sew up a “hot pants” jumpsuit that had a front zipper.  Amazingly, we were not allowed to wear pants to school, but culottes were permitted, and I somehow got away with wearing it.  But I remember the project so well because of the trouble I had getting the stripes to match across the zippered front.  It was a real ordeal, and I finally gave up and put the zipper in by hand.

The memory of that sewing adventure was brought to mind by my latest project.  It was just a simple tee shirt with raglan sleeves, but no way could I get the stripes to match across the sleeve.  According to the illustration on the pattern envelope to should have worked, as a striped version was shown, but after trying all the tricks in my sewing arsenal, I just gave up and cut it so that the bottom of the sleeve matched the bodice.

To make the mis-matching less jarring, I covered the raglan seams with a strip of ribbon.  I’m telling myself that makes it all better.

I used Simplicity 7499, a vintage pattern from the 1970s that I‘ve sewn quite a bit.  I should have realized the stripes would not match, as I couldn’t get them aligned in my last effort either.

Now, only one question remains: Can a soon-to-be 60 year old woman get away with wearing a tee shirt with a Scottie dog design?


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20 responses to “Vintage Sewing – Scottie Tee Shirt

  1. Of Course! And especially when the shirt is as good looking as yours!

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  2. Lynn Lorraine

    A “yes” vote from a member of the Class of 74.

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  3. This is a great print! And I completely understand about the zipper! Zippers and I are not friends and I have resorted to sewing them in by hand almost all the time now.

    And, yes! You can wear that!

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  4. Of course you can wear it! I love the print, it’s so cheery and cute. I think the ribbon really did the trick, the mis-matchyness really isn’t very noticeable. Plus, the contrast of the striped ribbon is visually interesting.


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  5. I remember those fabrics. I made several T shirts with them in the early 19702s. I had one that had whales.


  6. I have been trying to count your Scotties by following your blog and Instagram account. Now I have to admit it’s hopeless!


  7. It’s very cute! Yes, of course, you can wear it.

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  8. It’s very cute, and no one will notice, as RTW patterns never match nowadays. And I remember using culottes to get around the school dress code! I made some from plaid wool, and I’m sure the thought of matching the plaid never crossed my mind.


  9. That type of wide horizontal striped pattern is knit in a tubular way, so the stripes spiral up the fabric, which means that when you lay the yardage out flat, they aren’t really horizontal (there’s a bit of an angle showing up). Matching is nearly impossible because then the vertical goes ‘off grain’ instead. Your tee turned out adorable, even with that challenge!


  10. Pam

    As you appear to be knowledgeable regarding vintage fashion, I’m hoping you might be able to tell me of a good reference to research an item I have acquired. I have a Vera Neumann piece that is a only about 13″ square, black with an overall pattern of Lincoln pennies and has what appears to be a genuine 1953 Lincoln Penny attached at one corner by a bezel. The Vera signature has no Ladybug or copyright symbol with it. I have found no refferences to such a small sized piece, so I am hoping you might have some suggestions as to where I might turn for more info on this. Thank you, Pam H.


    • Hi Pam,

      Sometime in the mid 1950s Vera did a line of small scarves with charms attached, and the penny scarf is one of them. The charms were often lost, so it is nice that yours is intact. And yes, it is a real penny.


  11. If you don’t wear it now, then when? Of course you can wear it.

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  12. You can definitely wear your Scottie dogs. Nice things aren’t just for young people!


  13. I love this and would wear it! And yes, you can wear a cool print t-shirt at ANY age!


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