Scarf Paradise

To my great delight, two of my favorite sellers, the scarf guys, were back at the Metrolina Collectibles Show last week.  I’ve written about them before; they bought 20,000 scarves and are now selling them for a buck each at Metrolina.  Actually they are also selling at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, where the buyers get first choice and the scarves go for $5 and $3 each.  I was told that they occasionally pull out an Hermes which they sell for $100 – still a great bargain.

This time they had eight big bins full, and I managed to dig through them all to my satisfaction.  I only bought six, but they are all pretty special.

I find it hard to resist a blue Vera Neumann scarf.  I’d never seen this sun design in blue, and even though it was not silk, I wanted it. Vera used some high quality synthetics – rayon maybe – during the 1970s.

And there was another blue Vera, this one in Verasheer silk.

This silk scarf was not signed, but I just loved the colors.  Plus, it is long and thin, just the thing to control beach-blown hair.

Giorgio di Sant’Angelo scarves are relatively hard to find, and they are always top quality.  I’m afraid that my photo does not convey the vibrant yellow and orange adequately.  It’s truly stunning.

This is the corner of an older cotton bandana.  I’ve read that the older ones are collectible, but I honestly can’t say that I know a thing about this one except that I liked it.

The best find though was this Liberty of London scarf from the 1930s.  There is a very similar one pictured in my 1937 Liberty catalog, but in a different colorway.

I knew the scarf was a good one, but that little tag sealed the deal.  My color is a bit off, as the blue bits are actually a rich purple.

So, did I get my money’s worth?


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8 responses to “Scarf Paradise

  1. poppysvintageclothing

    Some wonderful finds…I love those old Liberty ones and that Sant’Angelo one is a beauty as well. I had a silk blouse once with that Vera Sun Pattern in orange and yellow.


  2. Scarves are such a treat,how lucky to have so many to look through!


  3. What I wonder is how come so many good ones are not sold for $5 and are then sold for $1…. Not that I’m complaining….


  4. Can one be blue with envy?
    Wonderful finds, Lizzie – well done you!


  5. Bonnie CArlin

    Beautiful scarves! I still have a Vera from my high school days circa 1970! Question, did Vera Neumann ever put out a glove line. I have a pair of gloves inherited from my mother that are brown suede leather with beautiful bronze seed beads and the label says Vera Vogue. Didn’t know if there was a connection.


  6. Great finds, Lizzie! I particularly love the Vera sun and the shell print scarf. Our Japanese buyer likes to buy the old cotton bandanas, but he’s very specific about the ones he likes. I’m not sure how he picks them.


  7. Wonderful finds! Your eye is definitely in, Lizzie.


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