1930s Superose Outing Jacket

Last week I talked about the joys of finding a complete outfit.  Today I have just a single piece to share, an outing jacket from Supak and Sons of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  According to newspaper reports in 1954, the company had been making outdoor garments in Minneapolis since 1933.  In 1954 the company relocated to Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  This was during a time when many companies moved south to find a work force that was cheaper and that was not unionized.  Think of it as the first step in off-shoring.

I loved the jacket when I first saw it, but I’ll have to admit that it was the label that sold me on this one.

While this jacket was not labeled as a ski jacket, the company advertised itself as a maker of snow and ski attire.  I can just picture this pretty jacket on the slopes, with maybe dark green wool ski pants, or even brown ones.

I spend quite a bit of my collection time looking at how ensembles were put together in the past.  Ski jackets and pants were sold in matching sets, but the jackets and pants were also sold as separates.  It’s up to me to try and figure out what most likely would have been paired with this jacket by a woman planning a skiing trip.

The color is a bit too orange in this photo.

There is just a hint of extra fullness in the sleeve cap, which tends to say 1936 to 1937 or so.  The presence of a zipper is also within that time frame.

Here’s a nice feature – the pockets are lined in cotton flannelette which is much warmer than the acetate linings and pockets so commonly used today.

Added:  In 1945 the owners of Supak and Sons were listed in a trademark filing as  Henry Supak, Nathan Supak, Sophie Supak, Maurice M. Kleyman, and Thedore Ptashne.


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16 responses to “1930s Superose Outing Jacket

  1. Mary Beth Pfaff

    What a cute jacket, looks brand new!


  2. Sweet little ski jacket…I bet it was warm. I remember the flannel lined pockets…they were warm, also. Thanks for sharing.


  3. GREAT find Ms. Lizzie! These boiled wool little jackets really lasted ( trend and style) a very long time???!! I and i know you will as well – remember in the 50’s -60’s – and even into the early/mid 80’s seeing them in various sportswear groups…Talbots…they appeared in collections like White Stagg….you recently wrote up on one such company recently that most always carried them…they even showed up in Designer Sportswear…the customers must have loved them…warm and comfortable and fairly light weight..


  4. Jessamyn

    What a lovely jacket! I agree that the triple dart in the sleeve head is very diagnostic of 1936-37. That’s when it appears in sewing patterns (where it’s much easier to spot that in photos or artsy magazine illustrations).


  5. What an adorable jacket! And the label is wonderful, too. Yes, I love finding flannel or corduroy lined pockets on things–so much cozier!


  6. I love that dart detail and may bring it back. Sometimes it’s really hard to ease in a sleeve cap as drafted in patterns. A dart would do the trick!


  7. So pretty, and looks like it could be a skating top, too, with a gored skirt. You could channel Sonja Hennie.


  8. Wow! What an adorable jacket! The ski stuff that is made today is not nearly as cute! And the label is a work of art!

    I wonder what the pants would have looked like that would have matched this, as you mentioned matched pairs. Perhaps flowers on the pockets?


  9. That’s so lovely.


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